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Juices From Fruits and Veggies – Most Potent Detox Agents

More and more people are drinking fruit juices to provide natural vitamin supplements for their bodies to be healthy and strong. These days, even vegetables are being juiced so that non-vegetarians can also get the important nutrients. Some people are thinking that this is just another fad diet but it’s not. Body detox programs are quite popular because of the positive effects on the body. Renewed energy and revitalized health are just some well-known results of detoxification.

When you start feeling lighter and cleaner because toxins are getting flushed out of your body, you always thank the detox plan that you use. But have you ever wondered about the ingredients that made the detox diets effective and efficient? It’s about time that you learn about the potent detoxifying agents-fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.

It is important that you use fresh and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. You must be aware that there are commercial farms still using harmful chemicals to grow their crops and raise their animals. Choose a juicer machine with good quality metal blades that do not react to natural acids. Make sure that the water you use is distilled or purified so that it will have no metallic content. Avoid taking antacids because they contain aluminum.

Here are the ingredients for a vegetable detox juice recipe:

-2 leaves Swiss chard -1/2 beet root -3 twigs watercress -1 stalk celery -3 pieces of carrots

Here’s how to prepare:

1.Everything should be washed thoroughly, drained, and cut into small pieces. 2.Put in the machine and process for a few minutes. Pour into a tall glass and drink. You may chill it for a half hour and serve with a straw.

A fruit-veggie detox juice is easy to prepare, too. In the juicer or blender, put the following ingredients: 3 pieces green apple, 1 piece carrot, and 5 pieces fresh basil leaves. You may also combine other fruits and vegetables to suit your taste buds.

Using the fruit and vegetable juices to cleanse the body is both effective and healthy; but extra care must be observed because detox diets are not recommended for everyone. Seeing a doctor before getting any detox plan is a must.

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