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Kitchenaid Combination Microwave Review Kitchenaid Kehu309sss

If you’re checking into the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS combination microwave/oven as an option for your home, this review will give you all the information needed to make an educated decision. This 900 watt Kitchenaid combination microwave unit is stacked on top of a bottom oven with 4.3 cubic feet of interior cooking space and features convection heating on the top and bottom. You can save money and space when you go with the more compact design of a combination unit.

Everything on the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS combination unit is stylish and easy to use. You can easily program settings with the push of a button and the stainless steel look is very modern. These features plus many others easily make this Kitchenaid combination microwave one of the most functional, versatile kitchen accessories selling right now.

Features of the KEHU309SSS

Convection heating is probably the most important feature on the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS. This heating method uses fans to blow the heat around for more even cooking. This allows you to cook more things in the microwave, sometimes using it as you would your full sized oven.

Convection heating will cook your food evenly in the center all the way out to the edges and will cut down on cooking times so your food is ready faster than ever before. This Kitchenaid combination microwave is also suitable for a variety of other cooking jobs that typically would not be handled by a microwave, including:

* Steaming

* Melting

* Crisping

When you bring the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS home you have all the accessories needed to do all of these cooking tasks. You can melt cheese and steam veggies without purchasing separate machines!

These are not features you would expect in a standard microwave, but it is exactly what you get when you bring home this combination microwave. You can cook complete meals using only the microwave unit!

Oven Features

The lower oven featured on the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS also has convection heating for even, fast cooking. This self-cleaning oven has push-button operations that easily allow you to select from a wide variety of cooking settings. You can choose from convection cooking, steaming, baking, roasting, and broiling.

Do you want to dehydrate your own fruits or jerky? You can do it in this Kitchenaid combination microwave!

What’s great about this Kitchenaid combination microwave is the convection heating has two fans and is involved in all of these different types of cooking. This means you get perfectly even cooking whether you are roasting meats or steaming veggies. That eliminates those disgusting cold centers and hard edges that completely ruin your food.

One special setting worth mentioning on the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS is the holiday/Sabbath setting. Not a lot of ovens will offer a feature like this, but for any family that celebrates holidays which require clean food that has been cooked properly, it only makes sense to purchase an oven with this special setting. Look around at other ovens and you won’t find many that offer this.

Finally, no review would be complete without commenting on the design and style of the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS. This stainless steel combination unit has larger sized viewing windows and is very attractive in a modern designed kitchen. It will blend well into a variety of kitchen decors, but is especially nice with other stainless steel or black appliances. You won’t even have to worry about cleaning the lower oven on the Kitchenaid KEHU309SSS, because it does that itself!


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