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Knowing Your Brands Can Help You Make a Better Decision

So you have been at your chiropractor, masseuse, spa therapist, or wellness adviser and he or she recommended you to get an ionic foot spa to help you detoxify your body. Though ionic foot baths and spas can also help you improve your blood circulation in your feet as well; wow, what an added bonus. How nice. Well, if this is the first time you’ve heard about the ionic foot baths and spas and what they do, then you should do your research about them and find out about the different brands of foot spas that are available on the market. This can help you make a better decision on the foot bath that is right for you and help you choose according to price, quality, and other different credentials. Furthermore, when you do your research, you can find out more about what ionic foot baths do and how they work.

One brand that is very popular is the Aqua Chi Foot Bath and can be found on the internet on a wide array of different websites. The advertisements may sound good, but you still want to shop around. There are many other brands that you should also research and study before making your decision. Some other top bands include Cell Spa, Ionic Cleanse, Aqua Detox, and Rejouvenix among other brands. See what each brand has to offer and if its right for you. Another good idea is to stay away from more obscure brands that you have never heard of, since many obscure brands and websites are often involved in scams.

Some scams that involve ionic foot baths include websites that claim that the ionic foot bath is a cure all and replaces the doctor. That is not the case at all and you should not fall for those scams at all, because you never know whether those foot spas are safe to use or not. Furthermore, many obscure companies also might have some of the above mentioned brands but are they genuine or counterfeit? For this reason, you want to find reliable vendors, who you can trust and know that when you spend over $150 for an ionic foot spa, you are getting the real deal.

Now, when researching brands, there are many consumer resources and other independent resources that do not have any ties to the industries or the companies which produce the product lines of all the above mentioned brands. In fact, many of these websites will often have reviews of the top name brand ionic foot spas and compare them side by side and easily break them down by quality, price, and other important credentials that would be a deciding factor on which you will make your purchase.

When looking at the Aqua Chi Foot Bath, and compare it with other high-end name brands, you can see all the credentials. One website has a chart with all the top brands, that besides the Aqua Chi, also includes the Cell Spa, Aqua Detox, along with other top name brands. When looking at this chart, many of the brands do fair well, but each one has their own plusses and defects. When looking at Aqua Chi according to this chart, you will see that it has quite a few plusses. If you like the fact that a product is made in the United States, then you might like the Aqua Chi, which is manufactured in Alabama.

Besides this one, two other top brands, Ionic Cleanse and Wellsprings/Bella are also made in the United States. Ionic Cleanse is manufactured in Colorado and Wellsprings/Bella is manufactured in two states, Texas and Louisiana. This is a good thing to know for some people. This, however, is not the only factor that can be a deciding factor on making your purchase. If you compare Aqua Chi together with Ionic Cleanse, they both pass many of the key safety tests, which include safe voltage, flammability, current leakage, and other safety related tests.

Though few of these tests may not take a product off the market, as long as they pass the UL test for the United States, but a better gauge of a product’s quality is whether it passes the CE test. CE is the European Union’s version of UL, but it has much higher standards. This is a good gauge of safety. The two brands that have CE clearance to be marketed and sold in the European Union are the Ionic Cleanse and Aqua Detox. The Aqua Chi brand does not clear the CE test, but that does not necessarily make it unsafe. UL also has high standards. Aqua Detox is also a good brand and is rated as one of the top brands, but it is not manufactured in the United States, but in the United Kingdom.

There are many other things you need to look for before choosing one brand or another. Doing your own research can help you with that. Furthermore, if you are new to ionic foot baths, ask your local health and wellness center’s specialists. They will be able to help you.

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