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Let It Go! Detox Your Body The Easy Way

Gravity works. While our body circulates blood and lymphatic fluids throughout the body, our feet tend to get the short end of the deal, and some of us show this through pain and foot odor.  A foot spa treatment is relaxing and easy to use, taking only about 30 minutes. This is more than just a little Epsom Salts in a bucket of water. A quality spa system gives you ionic action that helps draw toxins through your skin, much as we release salts water and toxins through our sweat.  Using a foot spa treatment aids your immune system function. Toxins cause an overload on the immune system, and when we release those toxins we can feel better, improve our mood and outlook, and even clear up brain fog.  Our body contains an electrical system known as the meridians, small energetic receptors that have been known in Chinese Medicine. Our feet contain connection points to the entire meridian system, something that is known to those who have studied reflexology. By cleansing away toxins through the feet we support the function of the entire energy system of the body.  Foot spa treatment also draws heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals can be consumed through our water and foot, absorbed into our skin, inhaled, or leech out of mercury fillings.  What happens when we remove toxins from the body? We improve our energy levels, sleep better, improve our mood as well as our overall health.  Using your foot spa can help you heal more quickly if you have been injured. By continuing your foot spa treatments you assist in moving out waste products and toxins, giving the body a break and helping it heal.  For those who are under medical care for any condition or ailment you should talk with your care provider before starting foot spa treatments or any other detox process. You do have the right to good health, and using your foot spa is an easy way to promote a healthy body and a better outlook on life.

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