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Liver Detox Diet

The liver works as the human body natural filtering system, processing and eliminating harmful chemicals, and as time progresses it is vital to use a liver detox plan to cleanse the body natural filter. Liver detox plans are designed to revitalize this crucial organ, fending off the effects of foreign substances, pharmaceutical drug absorption, and poor diet. While your liver is capable of chemically dispersing most of the toxins in your body, eventual buildup will occur within the organ itself. This buildup can be comprised of bacteria, synthetic chemicals, or even excess alcohol, and is responsible for a wide variety of common health afflictions. Regular headaches, skin irritation, sore muscles, and extreme fatigue are all symptoms which are directly attributable to toxin accumulation in the liver. By maintaining a liver detox routine you can assure that your body filtering system is operating at peak performance.

The foundation of all effective liver detox recipes is a strict reliance on raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables, preferably those which have high concentrations of fiber. Because these foods contain large amounts of fiber, as well as other essential antioxidants, they act as fuel for the body natural toxin removal systems. Fiber is especially useful in flushing the digestive tract and the colon because it encourages consistent bowel movements and promotes a healthier body detox.

It is suggested by many detox experts that one do a colon detox first, prior to doing a liver detox. This pens the passageway?for all the toxic matter that gets flushed from the liver down to the colon. If already clogged this could cause further complications such as an ineffective detox or the flu like symptoms as your body copes with the inundation of waste matter leaving your body.

Liver detox is one of the most popular body detox plans, because of the relatively large amount of toxins which accumulate there. The liver is responsible for cleaning the blood of impurities and consequently many free radicals and toxins end up there. A typical liver detox can consist of 5 or 7 day plans, and sometimes target the gallbladder as well. Detoxing the liver is absolutely vital to maintaining an overall good health.

Frank Shepard is a prominent voice and writer about natural, healthy options of body detox and detox diets.


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