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Low Fat Diets Don Work

It is recommended that a healthy diet should contain no more that 30% of the total calories from fat. Because of this, low fat food have become a major focus of personal diets. Supermarkets have special displays just for low fat foods, a multitude of cookbooks have been written, and there are TV programs dedicated to the subject. But is this really what burns fat?

One can see how this appeals to individuals as a simple formula. Just eat foods that contain less fat and we will be putting less fat into our bodies. Unfortunately science has proven this does not hold true. Our bodies do not distinguish the food we eat as fat calories, they will take any type of calorie coming into our body and turn it into fat.

Fat is not bad for us in moderation. Being fat is. You need to separate the two. Eating the proper amount of fat will actually satisfy our appetite. Eating a bland diet only causes our systems to crave high calorie foods.

One classic example of this is the choice of past as a dietary meal. Unfortunately many people abuse this option, covering the past in high calorie sauces. However, even if past is eaten plain, some of the calories will be turned into fatty tissue. The body needs a certain amount of fat to insulate itself. It will take whatever you give and use it weather it is full of fat or not.

If the notion that low fat food will make us thinner is correct, why is this nation becoming more obese each year. Americans have consumed more low fat food over the last ten years, than in any time in history, yet obesity continues to be a problem. If all we needed was to fill our bodies with low fat foods, why is obesity becoming an epidemic?

As a nation, we have been marketed to with tons of low fat foods. Advertisers have used the term low fat as a means to push their products.

Our bodies need a balance of fat and carbs on a daily basis. Eating the right balance of fat and carbs with the properly calorie intake will help our bodies naturally lose weight. This is what burns fat.



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