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Lung Detox – Detoxify Your Lungs & Quit Smoking

A Lung detox is a concept that not too many people have heard of even though detoxifying your lungs should be something high on the list of anyone who has been a smoker or anyone who is a smoker looking to quit smoking.

The reason for this is that the toxins in your lungs that you have inhaled over your years of smoking are probably still there thanks to the layer of sticky and very hard to dislodge tar that coats your once pink and healthy lungs. This layer of tar stops your body from sending in special immune system cells that track and destroy carcinogens and other pathogens. Instead tar limits your breathing and traps a dangerous mix of toxins in the lungs that can develop into infections and diseases such as cancer of course.

The good news is that you can do a lung detox that will clean out your lungs, remove tar and also help you quit smoking all at the same time! This method relies in you to treat it seriously and consistently to exercise your lungs, change your diet and add some essential vitamins to your daily schedule which all accumulate do a few things.

Stretch your lungs to improve your breathing capacity and to break up tar that has limited your breathing. Open up your airways to remove mucus and tar Boost your immune system to become a toxin clearing machine!

How does a lung detox help you quit smoking you ask? This is a two pronged attack. One, the physical removal of tar and boosted immune system will have your body physically rejecting cigarette smoke. Many who undertake this detox report that smoking became unpleasant rather than a stress reliever for them giving them the impulse to put them down rather than pick them up. Two, the action of just taking action for better health and feeling the results is powerful motivator to quit that has given many people the extra boost to kick their addiction for good.

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