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Make Your Own Adorable Baby Sprinkle Cakes

A baby sprinkle is a party dedicated to second, third and later pregnancies. Usually, the baby shower is a larger event while the sprinkle is held in more intimate surroundings. The number of people invited is smaller and the party remains elegant and less pretentious.

When organizing a baby sprinkle, you have significant freedom in the selection of foods and beverages. A baby sprinkle can go without a cake but having a small one decorated in a stylish manner will certainly contribute to the atmosphere of the party.

Several basics will help you if you decide on making the baby sprinkle cake yourself. Understand the fact that cake creation and decoration takes time and if you lack the patience, you should probably purchase the baby sprinkle cake.

Do You Need a Baby Sprinkle Cake?  The first decision you need to make is whether you really need a baby sprinkle cake. Keep in mind that the number of people invited is usually small so even if you decide to make a cake, you will need a small one.

A good alternative to a baby sprinkle cake is cupcakes. The advantage of cupcakes is that the number will be calculated so that no leftovers remain. A beautifully decorated cupcake will be just as spectacular as a cake.

Decide which option suits your needs better. If you decide on a cake, you will have to think about the most appropriate size ?sufficient for everyone and simultaneously not large enough.

Make the Cake Less Elaborate  How should you approach cake making for a baby sprinkle? Remember one important keyword ?simplicity.

The cake could be traditionally shaped ?circular or rectangular. The flavor you select is up to you and the mom-to-be preferences. A plain and elegant white icing will add a degree of sophistication to your cake.

When it comes to additional decorations, you can use circular candies to create patterns. A dotted cake will be fun and appropriate for this type of party. A white cake can have one larger figure made out of fondant. The main decorative figure could be a baby, a crib or a baby carriage.

Cake Decorations Based on the Theme  A baby sprinkle, just like a baby shower could have a theme. One of the smartest and most logical moves is to use the theme when thinking of cake decorations. Understand the fact that even a plain cake will be good enough.

Use the theme to create the cake decorations. Even if you lack artistic skills that will help you make realistic decorative figures, you can get them stylized and simplified. Realism is not a precondition for a beautiful cake.

A sun and moon-themed cake involves simple figures that can be created effortlessly. You can also easily shape wooden cubes, a duckling, a teddy bear or a snowman. All these figures can be created in a child-like manner to add cuteness to the cake.

The cake that you bake is a simple one. Follow typical recipes and choose a flavor of preference. The fondant decorations will make your cake special. Pick an icing that corresponds in color to the baby sprinkle themes. You can either scatter small figures throughout the cake or have one large decorative item.

Cake making should be enjoyable. Have fun instead of feeling all stressed out. Still, if you feel uncertain in your cake baking skills, purchase one. Another option is to buy a plain cake and to decorate it yourself.


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