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Marijuana Strains, The Bare Facts

No matter what you may read elsewhere, all modern marijuana strains got their beginning in the Himalayas and after 10,000 years ended up in the hands of serious breeders growing new types of marijuana in defiance of a government that prohibits the marketing of seeds or any form of marijuana use.

You must understand that today marijuana strains are quite different from the hemp growers of early America, when rope, cloth, paper, and other fine products were manufactured out of hemp. There are hybrids and hybrids of hybrids – also “cuttings-only” for cloning those types of marijuana that especially please the medical industry. As you can imagine, since 1930, thousands of marijuana strains have been brought into the illegal marketplace, where it is used for medical purposes as well as for recreational smokers.

To a great extent, marijuana strains must be produced by anyone that wants to grow marijuana.

You should know that all types of marijuana are part of the Cannabis family of only three members: Ruderalis, Sativas, and Indica. The one that descends from the growing of hemp in early America is called Cannabis Ruderalis. It has gone wild over the years and is hardly noticeable as Cannabis anymore.  It has been known for many years that some ailments are better helped with one strain more than another. This has inspired the development of even more strains just for medical benefits.

As you already discovered, all hemp products are imported into America since 1930; most are imported by the government, because they need tough long wearing products to run the military and other special needs.  But let face it. It next to impossible for common people to buy hemp products because they are all imported and only the government can deal in imports – common people like you and me have no contacts and no money for dealing.  If we ever needed a product in America, it is real canvas. We have no material for protecting things from the weather, like the real canvas used once on covered wagons. We are forced to buy petrochemical tarps that leak the first time they are exposed to weather. In contrast, real canvas, named after cannabis, does not leak – the pioneers would have never made it to the west if they had had to rely on the flimsy tarps of today. They wouldn have had water bags either, which kept their water cool. Yes, people used to use water bags all over America before 1950, but when the old ones wore out, there was no more.

The truth is that the outlawing of hemp crops had nothing to do with smoking marijuana – no, and nothing to do with the so-called “drugs”. It rightfully should be called “railroading hundreds of fine products off the market in order to be replaced by dozens of very harmful, inferior products” – most of which have been directly responsible for our contaminated world that the government is trying so hard to call “global warming”.  Global warming? Just more propaganda – with the media in their pocket, they have twisted lies into “truth” that most people will believe without thinking, as the true background is generally not known.

Although the government has outlawed all marijuana strains ?President Obama has relaxed the arrests, and the people are getting overconfident – could the next president have a different outlook on the various types of marijuana?  Only when the federal government lifts their ban on all marijuana strains, will the people be free to develop this industry as they should. Until then, doctors, patients, caregivers and growers of every kind had better realize, marijuana is against the law and the government can condemn the use of any marijuana strains, any medical marijuana doctor, any marijuana user regardless of their being a patient of any other description.

The bottom line is this. The power behind the curtain may or may not allow one or more types of marijuana to be used – it is questionable if the Federal Government will ever make legal the use of marijuana. And while over a thousand different marijuana strains exist today with more being developed every year, only a few of these are being grown widely by home growers for medical purposes – now you can find out for yourself how to select the best strain for your specific situation.

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