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Master Cleanse: Master Cleanse Detox

The simple rule is to detox until you’re body reaches a homeostatic blance where it is cleansing and not clogging consistently. Where everything you take in regularly moves through you. Where not only are your bowels, kidney, respiratory system and skin strong, but you’ve detoxed out through these 4 systems all the waste materials you’ve accumulated over the years.

This is where the majority of ‘junk’ is now out of your body. If you’ve been abusing your body for years or decades then generally it may take a short period of time for people to eliminate the majority of build up inside.

Even when people only take one bottle of detox tonic they make a substantial improvement. For most people to say their ‘life’ has changed generally they have taken 3 bottles. Generally because the body needs a period of time to clear everything out that has been inside them for so long. After this length of time the body has had the assistance it needs to eliminate what they have been accumulating inside them since birth.

In the midst of this elimination the body has had some chance to begin to regenerate and repair weaknesses inside.

Sometimes people don’t want to change their diet or lifestyle, so they just take an intestinal maintenance tonic regularly to ensure their bowels are moving, and to help stabilise their weight. This is like a detox tonic but less strong and designed to build strength in the intestines.

Regardless of what we take, in short every day we need to make sure we’ve moved that poison out of us. If you’ve breathed in poison that day make sure you take some deep breaths before bed and exhale hard to ensure your lung have a chance to do their job. In short every day we drink enough water, we make sure our bowels are moving, and we make sure we sweat through exercise, sauna or the bath.

If you’ve eaten junk food, been in a cigarette smoke ridden environment, drunk something you shouldn’t have then you take immediate action to make sure it leaves your body as rapidly as possible.

Making sure your body has the strength to move things through you as rapidly as possible is what tomorrow’s lesson is about.

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