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Master Cleanse Secrets Review – Easy Diets That Work

Review of The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse diet,is often referred to as the Lemon Cleanse diet or Lemonade diet. This is a colon cleansing diet first developed way back in the 1940s. And now has a irrefutable 60 year track record of success. In fact, many celebrities use this diet to help detoxify their bodies and lose weight in a relatively short amount of time.

This cleansing program removes damaging toxins from the body, which incidentally, are typically housed in the fat cells. Most individuals who have undergone a Master Cleanse can immediately feel its health benefits and can very rapidly see its obvious weight loss benefits .

MasterCleanseSecrets provides detailed instructions on how to properly conduct the Master cleanse diet. During the 10-day cleanse, no solid food in eaten, but a special fresh lemon juice mixture containing water, maple syrup, Cayenne pepper and fresh lemons is prepared to drink during the Master Cleanse. You would drink this mixture throughout the day at room temperature.


Why Lemons


The maple syrup in the cleanse mixture will help stabilize your blood glucose levels during the cleanse, while the lemons provide a number of excellent cleansing benefits. Lemons remove impurities from the intestinal tract and from the body. due to its antiseptic properties, lemons curtail harmful bacteria in the bowels and help the bowels  eliminate toxins more efficiently. Lemons also  nourish the liver and gallbladder for enhanced enzyme production, and  they help produce an alkaline state in your body and bloodstream, which is very important for improved health and successful fat loss.

Lemons are an “anionic” food. This means lemons possess a larger  number of negative ions than positive ions. The fluids manufactured  by the digestive system– bile, stomach acid, and saliva– are also anionic. So, lemon  juice is highly compatible with your digestive system. Fresh squeezed organic lemons will help eliminate even more toxins during your cleanse.

The Cayenne pepper in the Master Cleanse drink mixture will stimulate perspiration to help eliminate toxins through the skin. Cayenne will also help dislodge mucus buildup in the body. Overall, this mixture has strong yet gentle colon cleansing properties.

Technically, the master cleanse is not a method of fasting, as it  is more gentle on the body. And it provides you with some of the essential nutrients your  body needs, unlike the standard water fast. Typically a master Cleanse lasts a minimum of  ten days, but lots of people continue their cleanse for longer periods.

Who Should Consider The Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse Secrets is a “must have” for people who are considering a cleanse for the first time. The instructions this book provides will help you prepare for and able to maintain your Master Cleanse for the full 10 days. If you have already experienced a Master Cleanse are likely to find this program helpful because it helps make the dieting process quite a bit easier.

This cleanse diet, is appropriate for anyone whose digestive system would benefit from a good flush. People with certain chronic conditions such as colitis, may also benefit from cleaning their systems.

How Does This Cleansing Diet Work

Since no solid food is eaten during the cleanse, precautions should be taken to prevent constipation. Most people drink an herbal tea with mild laxative properties such as Senna tea at night during the cleanse. A slightly warm water is typically taken during the cleanse to help remove solid waste from the colon. A spoon of sea salt is added to this mixture which causes it to pass through the digestive tract rather quickly sweeping solid waste from the colon within in 30-60 minutes.

After 10-days of not eating solid food, the flora in the digestive tract may need to be replenished and the intestinal lining nourished by taking probiotics for a couple of days, then soups, fruits, vegetables and nuts would be added (in that order). After which, you would once again begin eating a regular diet.

The Master cleanse diet removes internal body waste that has been building up in the body,sometimes for decades. This heavy intestinal plaque and encrusted fecal waste in the colon can weigh anywhere from 5 – 15 lbs. Removing these toxins will help all of your organs function better and help your fat cells release  both toxins and fat.


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