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Mercury Detox 6 Steps To Better Health

The detox of mercury from within the body cells is probably one of the most controversial areas of alternative medicine today. Our bodies may able to handle small amounts of mercury which daily life exposes each of us too, but over exposure has created problems for many people. Mercury detox has become a necessity for many people with deteriorating health.

Where does mercury come from?

The usage of mercury is widespread in industry but the major source of toxicity in humans is considered to be from the food chain. Environmental sources of mercury eventually end up in the water where bacteria convert the inorganic mercury into methylmercury which is very toxic. Plankton eat the mercury containing bacteria which in turn are eaten by small fish, then larger fish, and so on. Mercury detox does not readily occur naturally and it accumulates.

Mercury is also used in silver dental fillings which are considered to be a common cause of many symptoms and illnesses. Mercury vapor and particles escape from fillings while chewing. As fillings deteriorate mercury and other metals leak out of fillings and are absorbed into your blood stream.

What damage does it cause?

The kidneys, intestines and nervous system are most sensitive to damage by mercury but it can lodge in the brain and many other tissues weakening the immune system. Exposure in the womb can result in miscarriage, congenital malformation and development changes in young children. Mercury detox is a life saver.

Many people who suffer from toxic levels of mercury don’t even know it. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, lack of coordination of movements such as writing, impairment of speech, hearing, muscle weakness, skin rashes, mood swing, memory loss and mental disturbance.

So how do you detox mercury?

Chelators (substances that grab hold of mercury and take it out of the body)of all sorts have been proposed as solutions. Herbs, homoeopathic solutions, minerals, clay baths, algae, cilantro (coriander), mega dose vitamin C infusions, liquid zeolite and drugs such as DMSA, DMPS and EDTA are some that have been used. A combination method is best.

Here are the 6 steps for mercury detox

Avoid new metal fillings and have your silver fillings removed and replaced with nontoxic fillings. It is important to find a dentist who will follow a specific safe protocol for the removal to avoid further mercury exposure.

Stop eating high-mercury fish such as swordfish, shark, orange roughy, marlin, albacore and yellowfin tuna, king mackerel, Chilean sea bass, grouper and tilefish.

Regularly cleanse your colon with a herbal colon detox product that will pull  toxic metals from the tissues of the bowel lining.

Use a mercury detox product that contains chlorella and cilantro. Studies have shown that large doses of cilantro can alter the tight bond that mercury has on tissue so it can be flushed out. Chlorella helps absorb the mercury once released from the tissues.

Eat a high animal protein, low carbohydrate diet to provide sulfur amino acids that aid in the detox of mercury. Adequate fat stimulates bile production and absorption of minerals which aids the excretion of mercury facilitated as long as bowels are working. Avoid sugar and processed food.

Exercise helps to mobilize toxins and a few sessions in a far infrared sauna will help sweat it out.

The dangers of mercury are known and yet many people still suffer from mercury poisoning. Many of them don’t even know that mercury is the cause for the symptoms they suffer. Give your health a chance with mercury detox.

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