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Montmorillonite Clay – Good Or Bad

Among all the elements that make up a pond or a water garden, the water is considered as the most important. It is the nervous system of the whole water feature. Without it, the whole system is brain-dead.

The water that is used to fill up water features like ponds can come from a lot of sources however; the water nowadays comes from water companies. These companies do some treatment with the water that removes the minerals and trace elements that all water gardens need. Though there are some ways to replace the lost minerals and trace elements, those will not be sufficient for the whole water system. The use of Montmorillonite Clay is one of the best ways to bring back the mineral and trace element content of the water.

Montmorillonite Clay contains a lot of minerals and trace elements that the water and the fish in it thrive upon. Not to mention the advantage it does to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the pond. These bacteria eat up the minerals and trace elements that the Montmorillonite Clay produces. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron are a few of the minerals and trace elements that come from Montmorillonite Clay.

Since fish wastes suffice the development of algae in ponds, It is also good in helping the digestive system of the fish, making it better. What garden enthusiasts do is they mix the clay to the paste food of the fish. Aside from this, this is also helpful in making the colors of the fish stand out. Whites and reds particularly stand out.

It has no extensive surface area which is good in attracting and absorbing toxic elements in the water like heavy metals, free radicals, and pesticides which are all harmful to the aquatic living creatures in the pond. The plants in the pond can also benefit from this type of clay. Some of its minerals and trace elements help plants grow and flourish more.

This type of clay is rich in absorbable calcium that remains in an alkaline condition. It then retains its electrically active and negatively charged ion content. Once the clay is put in the pond, the positively charged ion that toxins, bacteria and pathogens in the water contain, truss to the electrically negative charged ion in the Montmorillonite clay. The toxins stay inside the clay particles and discharged through the filtration system of the pond.

It is unavoidable for the fish in the pond to nibble on the Montmorillonite clay particles once put in the water. Fortunately for you and for the fish, the clay is safe to be consumed. As the clay particles have ions that are negatively charged, the positively charged ion that the toxins in the fish’s digestive system have bind with the latter. The clay is good for the detoxifying the fish. The good thing about Montmorillonite clay is that is cointains highly absorbable minerals that can be effortlessly ingested by fish and even humans. The consumption of Montmorillonite clay particles helps boost the immune system and enhances the detoxification of the body.

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