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Must Acne Sufferers Detox And Cleanse To Clear Acne Vulgaris

If you’re aching from acne disorder, then you’ve probably paid thousands of dollars treating the skin disease with expensive treatment.

While you may or may not have had improvements treating your acne, the fact is, acne is one skin disorder and thus, is one by-product of poor nutrition, on one hand and amassed toxins on the other. Thus an acne alternative treatment should be found.

The major point of emphasis of all medical explanations for all illnesses are toxicity and lack of nutrition.

Besides acne vulgaris, other skin diseases like eczema, hives, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis are also caused by increased toxin levels in your body. Although the human body has a 24/7 detox system composed of the skin, kidneys, and colon, this detox system sometimes becomes weakened, mostly because of lack of nutrition and too much exposure to external pollution.

When our body’s detox system becomes impaired, the toxins made during metabolism begin accumulating in the diverse organs in our body. This gives rise to a whole range of diseases, from skin ailments to cancer.

The Principle Behind Detoxing for Acne

Detoxification, or flushing the body of accumulated toxins, is one widely used alternative medicine treatment.

The principle behind detoxification is that since accumulated toxins lead to various diseases, getting rid of them and avoiding additional toxins is important for healing diseases like acne. Many health issues are a direct result of toxins inside the blood. Detox help flush the blood of viral, bacteria and other microbial toxins.

The Various Detox treatments for Acne disorder

There are actually different types of detox methods, and many of them call for a period of fasting or not eating any solid foods. The perfect detox treatment is done at holistic healing facilities. Apart from supervising your body cleansing program, you can be also taught how to better manage your health through diet and natural solutions.

But holistic healing centers can be costly, and you’d have to spend at least two weeks out from home.

If you want to get started in acne detox, start by trying body detox recipes that you can make at home. Liquid detoxification diets can be just as beneficial as holistic healing centers in eliminating body waste and making the skin clearer.

Word of warning Before Detoxing For Acne

If you are going to detox for acne with a 100% liquid detox program, you should follow through the prescribed fasting period. HOWEVER, if you haven’t done any fasting before, taking nothing but liquids for many days might shock your nervous system, and could even kill you.

Instead, you need to try to prepare your body by:

Going on “meal” fasts

It isn’t about skipping meals, but about trading your usual meals with plenty of water or watery fruits like watermelon. It helps in better dealing with food cravings during the actual fasting period.

Start with one-day fasts

When you feel relaxed not eating food for one meal, try to avoid eating any solid food for one whole day. During the day, drink plenty of water.

Detoxing for acne is really not as impossible as it sounds. However, 100% liquid detoxing diets is not recommended if you’re a beginner. Regular detox diets found in detox book that consist of foods that stimulate the body’s detoxification system would be better if this is your case.

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