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Natural Detox – You’ll Live Longer and Happier

Setting up a natural detox program especially for you may seem a daunting task. Unless you are doing the detox to rid your body of drugs, prescription drugs, exposure to toxic chemicals, or to aid in healing from cancer or other life threatening disease, detox is relatively easy.

Simply detoxing your body and life can help with mild issues such as combating environmental toxins, sluggishness, weight loss or gain, fighting allergies, skin disorders, or digestive issues. Adopting a less toxic lifestyle can go a long way to helping you to be more vibrant and living you life to the full void of most common issues such as those just mentioned.

Adopt a Proper Diet

Start switching out the processed food you normally eat to those that are more full of life. Try to avoid those foods that are grown with pesticides or genetically modified. Simply eating more organic produce can go a long way in aiding your body in eliminating environmental toxins. A short detox diet of 3 to 7 days should help give your body a good start, then simply adopting a healthy diet such as a food combining diet, an alkalizing diet, or a rotation diet as a way of life can help keep you feeling more energetic.

Herbal Remedies

When doing a natural detox as part of starting a new lifestyle or for a periodic boost, natural herbs can help assist your body to release toxic materials and become healthier and more vibrant. Please consult a certified homeopathic herbalist and your allergist before using any products. However, there are some simple teas remedies, tea diuretics, or 7 to 21 day detox systems at your natural health food store that can help eliminate various types of environmental toxins such as heavy metals, Candida, pesticides, the liver, kidneys, intestines, or just for general whole body cleansing.

The Benefits of Exercise

Sweating eliminates toxins that are stored near the skin and the underlying layers of fat. It also helps the lymphatic tissue to dispel wastes and build up. Additionally, exercising will improve your mood and help you sleep more soundly. Sound sleep is essential to your body for eliminating toxins and toxic waste as well as providing a time when for your body to perform essential tune ups to your endocrine, nervous, and metabolic systems. Exercise also has a detoxing effect on your colon, the simple action of walking, jogging, running, and swimming helps the muscles your abdominal area to activate and massage your colon, thus helping it to eliminate more efficiently.

Keeping Your Skin Clean

Keeping your skin clean and free of toxins with a natural detox, bacteria, and daily grime you come into contact with is highly essential in helping your body to detox itself. Additionally, regular salt soaks or scrubs can help draw out toxins and metabolic wastes as well as helping your body to be healthier by increasing circulation. Brushing your skin can also have the same effects. It sloughs off dead skin, improves circulation, breaks up fat molecules, and stimulates the skins natural detoxification process.

Detox Massage

Massage therapy has been used for centuries to aid the body in healing. Part of the reason it does this is by loosening tight muscles and helping the body to relax. The other part of its healing powers is in the effects it has on the lymph and circulatory systems. Massage increases drainage of the lymphatic system, especially certain types of massage. It also improves both surface and deep tissue circulation. It can have a helpful affect towards fat loss in addition to improving the systems ability to detox itself. Regular massage therapy is a worth while investment both for short term results and on a long term basis.

Rest And Relaxation

Part of rebuilding the body with natural detox rests in the process of sleep. We do not have to be fully asleep to receive all of these benefits. Spending 20 to 40 minutes per day in quiet contemplation can provide the needed balance during the day if we are allowing ourselves to sleep properly and adequately at night. Meditation and quiet reflection can help improve our lives greatly if performed on a regular basis. Buy some relaxation tapes and be sure to spend quality time in bed at night in a quiet room without the TV or radio.


Be sure to drink plenty of water in addition to all afore mentioned activities. Water helps the body flush out fat, toxins, and other elements that can get in the way of keeping it clean and running optimally. Fat is made up of water and stores a lot of toxic materials. If we are even mildly dehydrated we can start to retain more water and toxins in our fat cells. This makes us feel sluggish and tired. By staying hydrated we can be sure to stay clean on the inside as part of a natural detox.

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