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Natural Methods To Remove Bags Under Eyes And Crows Feet

With the advancing age people start to notice wrinkles showing on their face along with dark circles and large bags underneath their eyes that are filled with fluid. These indications of aging can make people appear older than they want to, especially the bags underneath the eyes. There are methods to eliminate puffy eye bags but before proceeding with any treatment options or therapies it is an excellent idea to understand more about the causes of eye bags. The causative factors for eye bags formation could be divided into two groups based on a persons ability to control them.

The first group are causes of eye bags that are not under a persons control. These include such type of factors as heredity and genetics and the natural changes in the composition of the skin that comes with the passing of time. As the body gets older it begins to reduce the production of collagen, an essential skin structural protein. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and supple. At the same time the skin is stretching and becoming thinner in texture and the connective tissue web which supports the skin layers is getting weaker. These factors could cause bags underneath the eyes.

People receive their genetic makeup from their parents and genes have an important role in determining the healthiness of skin and the way it ages. If a persons parents were susceptible to eye bags then the person will likely get them as well. Does that imply that it is not possible to get rid of puffy eye bags? No, it doesn’t. Most of the factors that are linked to the formation of bags underneath the eyes may be controlled or modified by people and they can remove puffy eye bags which have already appeared using a number of holistic methods. You day to day life style and eating habits should be healthy in order to avoid eye bags.

If you are a smoker then you are causing a lot of damage to your skin and quicken the aging process. If you desire to remove eye bags then you should stop smoking. Using excessive amount of salt in your food items is another factor that is a common cause of saggy eye bags. An excess of salt in your body could cause it to retain fluids and if the water accumulates around your eyes then puffy eye bags are the result. You should also wear a sunscreen and sunglasses when outside to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes.

A healthy diet which is made up of lots of fresh vegetables, whole grain products and oily, cold water fish can supply the body with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids that help keep the skin healthy and youthful. Regular physical activity stimulates the blood circulation and that increases blood flow to help remove toxic impurities and drain surplus fluids and fat lumps from puffy eye bags under the eyes. Cool objects placed on the eyes can effectively eliminate eye bags on a momentary basis. Green tea bags are particularly effective because they contain an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties which helps to minimize swelling.


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