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One Less Wrinkle in Adult Acne Care

Alpha Clear adult acne treatment, with alpha hydroxy acids, is the first anti-aging acne product to use natural, fruit-derived alpha hydroxy acids to effectively treat acne by moisturizing the skin and improving skin tone and texture.

Acne. For many women beyond their teen years, it a four-letter word. And combined with aging skin, chronic acne becomes a catch-22: over-the-counter acne treatments dry out the skin, increasing wrinkles ?but moisturizers that combat wrinkling only make acne worse. Enter Alpha Clear? a natural alpha hydroxy-based anti-aging acne treatment from Niora?

Developed in 1996, Alpha Clear Adult Acne Treatment was the result of 25 years of research with alpha hydroxy acids for the treatment of acne and rosacea. It is the first adult acne care to use natural, fruit-derived alpha hydroxy acids to effectively treat adult acne and the only effective adult acne treatment that actually moisturizes the skin. Traditional over-the-counter acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (beta-hydroxy acid) attempt to sterilize the skin or strip it of protective oils and moisture. Alpha Clear? on the other hand, softens and moisturizes the skin. “This is counter to conventional medical wisdom, because excess oils and other sebaceous material are what clog pores and lead to acne in the first place,” said George Tindall, founder and president of Niora.

Alpha Clear is a two-step anti-aging acne product that cleans, tones and moisturizes, encouraging the skin natural ability to heal acne while normalizing moisturization. The skin remains exfoliated after treatment and its texture is improved, with reduced wrinkles and age spots. Alpha Clear can be used safely with treatments prescribed by dermatologists.

In a study of 30 women conducted by Niora, over 90% who used Alpha Clear for twelve weeks experienced improvement in their acne. Significantly, 93% reported increased skin moisturization and improved skin texture as well. In fact, 86% of the women found that Alpha Clear cleansed their skin so well that other products or medications weren needed. “It is clear from our results that moisturizing the skin is a major factor in the success of treating acne,” said Tindall. “This new concept turns the treatment of acne on its head.”

For more information about Alpha Clear adult acne treatment call (800) 882-9887

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