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Our Liver and Its Amazing Qualities

Our liver has the ability to reduce these harmful toxins into substance that can be easily be flushed out of our system either through our skin (by sweating), kidney (by urination) and through the bowels (as feces). The liver is the human body’s natural detox machine.

We simply must take care of our liver. If our liver isn’t well or not performing at its natural pace due to too much toxins in our body, we will suffer medically in the process. Too much toxin in our system can make us feel ill and may even lead to dire consequences if not taken care of.

You can help detox your liver by doing this. Have a diet of high fiber fruits and vegetables. Fruits like citrus are highly acidic which are good for detoxification. Not only does these help to detox your liver but also gives beneficial things to your body like vitamin C.

Some nutritionists will recommend a fruit juice diet (orange or grapefruit is good) in the morning. If you can help it don’t eat anything in the morning until lunchtime. This is to give your body enough time to finish the detox process the day before.

You can’t rush detoxification. Our body simply cannot handle too fast a pace of ridding the body of toxins. So if you think drinking ten to twenty glasses of fruit juice a day will speed up the cleaning of toxins in your body. It doesn’t work that way. Detoxification should be paced based on how fast the body gets rid of the toxins. What we do is to insure that it does just that by giving it a little push that is the reason of doing detox.

One herb that is recommended for liver detox is Milk Thistle. Milk thistle since the ancient times have been proven to help in maintaining a good liver and is a treatment for liver related diseases. There is a substance call silymarin that is found in milk thistle that is an antioxidant which can block toxins and can prevent and lessen free radical production in our system. Another herb that is good in maintaining a good liver is globe artichoke, another kind of thistle, which is good for liver regeneration.

There is simply no way that we can prevent toxins from entering our system. First of we can’t even see these toxins. We could get it through breathing the air around us, from drinking water we thought was safe or through the food we eat. Just to be on the safe side, detox your body even if you don’t do it everyday. If we choose to ignore the fact there are toxins that can harm us, in the long run it will be us who will suffer greatly by not taking any precautions.

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