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Oxygen Therapy With Hyperbaric Chambers And Athletic Performance

Professional football players have found many healthful benefits from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Most football players will purchase the chambers for use at home year round, and many pro athletes appreciate the healing qualities of the hyperbaric oxygen treatments after they have been injured on the playing field. Sore muscles are always an issue with sports enthusiasts and professional athletes get them more than other people will. The filtered air that is used in the hyperbaric chamber is pressurized with 100 percent pure oxygen.

These oxygen chambers feature a quiet operation mode and many guests and visitors that stop by do not even know that the chamber is in operation. The rough and tumble environment of professional sports creates many injuries that can be disastrous to a budding career. Professional athletes can take the hyperbaric oxygen chamber with them to training camp because oxygen therapies with hyperbaric chambers have had a significant and positive effect on an athletic performance. The pure oxygen saturates muscles and cells throughout the body and the healing process can begin. Healing is a lot faster when hyperbaric oxygen treatments are used.

From skin to bone and from infection to healthy tissue, healing takes place 3 times faster with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Most plastic surgeons refer their patients for hyperbaric oxygen therapy after surgery. Non-invasive and safe, hyperbaric oxygen treatments help professional athletes achieve better health and they live longer with the therapeutic treatments that they take everyday. Many ailments can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. People that have suffered head injuries have shown remarkable improvements in body responses after just one treatment in the hyperbaric chamber.

Sports professionals can find many health benefits through hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Most people feel renewed and invigorated after spending a couple of hours in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Some users have reported that they feel euphoric and elated after receiving treatment, and that is due to the pure oxygen environment that they have been in. Pain levels will decrease after hyperbaric oxygen therapy and this fact is why professional athletes use them so often. Professional sports contact is brutal and athletes use the pure oxygen to relieve pain continuously while they are in training and especially right before a game.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved hyperbaric oxygen therapy for any ailment, and professional athletes use the hyperbaric chambers because the pain they experience is chronic. Professional athletes experience chronic ailments just because they work in a rough and tumble environment. When the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is used, all organs in the body will be saturated with life healing oxygen. With continued treatments, people will feel energized and well, some for the first time in years. Some people wear an oxygen mask while reading in the hyperbaric chambers to receive the full benefits of the oxygenated environment.

Patients can rent hyperbaric oxygen machines by the month, or for a year. The chambers can also be purchased outright and then delivered to any location. Most insurance plans will cover the cost of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine but since insurance policies differ on which therapy plans to cover, some patients simply choose to rent the hyperbaric oxygen chamber on a month to month basis.


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