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Ozone Risks of Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

The Ionic Breeze air cleaner is maybe the most famous air cleaner in the whole world. It was well-known as a scientific way to clean and cleanse dust particles away from the atmosphere. However, the air purifier ended up making more harm than advantage, as it shown to generate unhealthy ozone levels into the atmosphere.


The Ionic Breeze air cleaner was manufactured by Sharper Image. It was intended to enhance the air quality by eliminating harmful pollen, dust, and allergens from the atmosphere by making use of negatively charged plates which collect the dust particles in the purifier over charged electrons. When the charged plates were full they can be cleaned for more uses. The air purifier is no longer sold because of some reports about the dangerous ozone levels that are produced.


The use of Ionic Breeze was to boost the quality of air in a room. Lots of people who have allergies use the air purifier in their houses to collect the dust and some other pollutants from the atmosphere. Lots of small businesses, individual households, and nursing homes use Ionic Breeze air purifier to clean the atmosphere from the buildings. While some individuals still utilize the Ionic Breeze air purifier, most individuals no longer utilize the unit because of health concerns.


The Ionic Breeze produces a high ozone level into the atmosphere. This is produced by the negatively charged ions that are generated by the air purifier. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency shows high ozone levels in the atmosphere as a dangerous gas. Because of the high ozone levels that the Ionic Breeze emits, Consumer Reports aided organize a law suit against the manufacturer of Ionic Air that caused the Sharper Image to close.

Health Risks

Ozone could cause lots of problems both to asthma and allergy suffers and people who don’t suffer from these kinds of conditions. Since ozone is a dangerous gas when breathed, it could cause serious lung illness over time. Ozone could also trigger allergy and asthma attacks just by lessening the level of air in a room. The particles that the air purifier collects fall off of the system that causes high concentrations of harmful allergens and dust in a large area.


If you utilize an Ionic Breeze in your house then it’s best to stop the usage of the machine ASAP. The units emit smaller particles of allergens and dust that could be inhaled causing health problems. A good way to purify the air is through the usage of HEPA air cleaners.

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