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Quick Liver Cleansing Diet

Our livers are miraculous work horses which maintain our bodies in healthy condition. If a person loses liver function, deterioration, even death can result. We cannot live without the work they do for us. Loading our liver down with the job of processing medications, junky food, alcohol, even stress, reduces overall well-being. Periodically, especially if you are not feeling well, it’s time to ask, yourself, do you need a liver cleansing diet?

The liver is the second largest organ in our body, and fortunately, it has the vital ability to re-generate. The liver checks out anything that passes through it, deciding whether to retain, or excrete, chemicals. It also produces bile that is essential in digesting fats.

Our liver, along with our kidneys, processes chemicals and eliminates them through sweat, urine and feces. The liver also stores glucose in the form of glycogen, a complex molecule of starch, as reserve energy and has an important role in the metabolism of protein and fat. And, this is only some of what our liver does.

Wow! What an amazing machine!. But sometimes, we make it work too hard and it cannot keep up with our demands. Although our liver can regenerate and repair itself, we can traumatize it until it is not able to repair itself. So, we must take care of our liver, and sometimes with a liver cleansing diet, give it a chance to rest. Our lifestyles, eating habits all contribute to exhausting our livers.

Giving yourself a healthy detox is a way to cleanse your liver and restore it to its correct function. You need to remove any unwanted toxins that congest in your body and replace them with healthy nutrients. So, when you need a liver cleansing diet, how do you do this?

For several days Before starting your liver cleansing diet, slowly cut out the following ‘avoid’ foods:

Fried and salty foods, lunch meats, alcohol, coffee, smoking, red meats, fizzy drinks. For a 2 Day body detox: Drink plenty of water to flush toxins from the body Only eat organic and natural fresh foods, i.e. vegetables and foods rich in fiber Stick to foods low in sugar and saturated fats Drink herbal teas, fresh fruit juices. Take a liquid diet for a couple of days consisting of broths, and vegetable and fruit juices. After your liver cleanse, slowly re- introduce the correct food and drinks. The more fresh food you eat, the more living enzymes you are giving your body to create healthy cells.

For a deeper liver cleansing than 2 days, look into a raw juice cleanse. There are tested and safe programs you can easily follow at home.

Key to feeling well and living well is proper care of our liver. We should never take it for granted, and instead, adopt a gradual and steady shift to a more healthy diet, along with liver cleansing, to maintain peak function of this essential organ. Your liver will reward you with helping you have more energy and feeling more healthy. So, resolve today to take steps to protect your precious liver.

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