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Quick Ways to Detox Your Home

There are five areas that you can address today to begin living in a healthier, toxin free home.

Air- We all have different levels of air quality in our homes depending on many factors. Dust, mold, chemicals, cigarette smoke and pesticides are just a few of the extremely toxic substances in our homes today. When possible, open windows to allow these toxins a chance to escape. Indoor airborne chemicals indoors are 70% higher than outside, and we spend 80% of our time indoors. Therefore, we should be conscious of reducing pollution in our homes. Cleaning frequently removes dust and molds. The use of safer cleaning products which avoid dangerous chemicals is also important.

A good quality air filter or purifier can be used to remove toxins as well. There are numerous types on the market today depending on your needs. The HEPA filter will remove allergens and pollutants from the air. Electrostatic systems have charged plates that do not need to have the filters replaced. There are also UV filters that actually remove microorganisms and mold spores. Activated carbon filters are the most effective in removing odors and chemicals. Prices will vary greatly depending on the type of system and the size needed.

Water- A water filter or distiller will remove toxins from your water. Again depending on the type, it will determine whether chemicals, metals or microorganisms are removed. The least expensive would be a faucet filter installed directly to the tap. There are whole home filtration systems that are more costly. Also available are countertop distillers which are reasonably priced and are my personal favorite, as they are only as big as a coffee maker.

I would recommend having your water tested to see what your needs are. That can be done at your local health department for a nominal fee. Then research the systems to find the one that best eliminate the toxins you have present.

Food- Toxins in our food supply are many, but we do have the power to control what we ingest. Eat as many whole foods as possible. Processed foods lose many nutrients and have too many additives. Preservatives and food dyes are extremely toxic and have been linked to ADD in children.

Organic foods are your best choice as they have been shown to have a greater nutrient value. Meats that are not organic contain hormones, chemicals and antibiotics,that weaken our immune systems. Foods are irradiated to give a longer shelf life and appear more attractive. Fresh is best.

Cleaning Supplies- I believe that these are the number one toxic elements in our homes. Many of the ingredients do not have to be listed on labels as they are, in small quantities “deemed” safe by our government. If used on a regular basis, these chemicals are extremely toxic. Did you know that Lysol is a registered pesticide with the EPA? It is the number one carcinogen in our homes. Bleach is a neurotoxin, which damages nerve tissue and may cause debilitating disease.

These products are not necessary for keeping our homes clean and cause so much damage. This is just two of the hundreds of chemicals many households are exposed to daily. With airtight insulated homes this poses a dangerous problem. Fresh air rarely gets in and toxins never escape.

Also chemicals used in carpets, particle board and cabinets, contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Not to mention we are poisoning our environment with the use of these chemicals.

Once again open windows when you can and choose safer, nontoxic cleaning products.

Cleanse- There are many forms of body detox cleansing. They range from simple herbs that remove toxins from your system, to full fasts and cleanses. I recommend the latter be done under professional supervision. Some juice detox plans done twice a year are very effective. These consist of fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a period of 3-5 days. It’s amazing the difference you will feel, having more vitality and energy. Breathing and sleeping better will also be evident, as accumulated toxins are released from your body.

There are many books and guides on how to do this. I recommend “The Detox Strategy”, by Brenda Watson.

Dr Elson Haas has numerous helpful books as well.

With toxic exposure from our air, water, food and cleaning products, we are setting ourselves up for disease. You can easily replace all areas with a safe alternative, aren’t you and your family worth it?

Start in one area today and watch your conscious grow and spread to every area of your daily life.

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