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Rationale For Buying Foot Bath Ionic Equipment For Home Use

If you are conscious about your health and you are keen on eliminating all the toxins in your body, you are lucky to have many different products available to you for purchase through the internet. Searching the web will reveal the availability of many innovative products that will help you attain a healthy life. There are books, food supplements and many different pieces of equipment. You can explore the unlimited offers a product which will help you to cleanse your body and prevent some of the diseases that can attack your body system. Foot bath ionic is one of the methods for sweating out unwanted toxins in your body system.

There is great power in water therapy and there are many health benefits associated with simply soaking your feet in water. This has been a practice which has been found to be effective since ancient times. It is on this principle that the foot bath ionic was invented to give you a great chance of discounting wastes whilst in the confines of your homes. This possibility is brought by a special foot bath detox unit that can be your gateway to a healthy life – away from the many different threatening diseases can be caused from toxin build-up.

The ionic foot detox bath system with FIR belt

The ionic foot detox bath system with FIR belt is a foot bath with a far infra red (FIR) belt. The device makes the water soft and in so doing it narrows the water molecule. This machine costs $139.99 and is a product of China under the brand name “Cell Spa”.

This piece of equipment is packed in an aluminum case with a handy instruction manual coming with the unit plus two arrays for generating ions in the foot. It controls the water and ion intensities so producing the desired results. The FIR or far infrared belt aids you in your desired wellness program.

Your body is filled with negative ions which can cause illness. The ionic foot bath will produce ions that will correct the ion imbalance caused by the disease you suffer. The negative ions in your foot bath system charge your cells in order to detoxify your body system. The toxins, chemicals and heavy metals brought about in the body by polluted foods, water and air will can thus be eliminated. These heavy metals and chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers and food additives) can be the root of the joint pains, sluggishness and fatigue that weakens your body. There is the possibility of immediately feeling healthy once these toxins are discarded through the feet.

The product – the ionic foot bath detox will pave the way to increasing your metabolism and it will reactivate your fat burning mechanisms. The toxin elimination can slow down your aging process giving you much clearer skin and fading those dark circles under the eyes. You should feel rejuvenated and energized giving you an exceptionally better state of mind. You will experience healthy weight loss because the fat cells and cellulites will be gone.

The outstanding features of the ionic foot bath detox with FIR belt are the presence of the water density control, the ion intensity control, the treatment time control and the twin interior fans for cooling. The device has CE approval, is lightweight and easy to clean. You can use it by plugging it into a 110 to 220 voltage power.

With the purchase of the foot bath ionic equipment, the whole family will enjoy a relaxing foot bath which will also detoxify the system anytime within the confines of your home. Every member of the household is going to enjoy the health benefits of this device.

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