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Recharge and Rejuvenate Your Body With Detoxification

Detoxification is a natural body process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins through the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, lymph, and skin. Our body does it naturally everyday. Internal detoxification is the automatic function of the body, just as our lungs breathe and hearts beat continuously. The metabolic processes of the body continuously eliminate toxic matters out of the body. But not all unwanted substances are removed, so we need to do detoxify our body to keep our health within normal levels. Our bodies are covered with mucous or fat to protect us from harmful effects of the environment. But these fat deposits can also store certain foreign substances that can lead to numerous infections and health problems. Ideally, we should drink pure water, eat untainted foods, and live in pollution-free environment. But practically, it isn’t possible, so it becomes essential for us to keep the level of toxins and pollutants in the body at a minimum level through a detoxification program. Foot detox treatment is one of the effective and most preferred methods of removing pollutants from the body to live a healthy life.

Detox program

A detox program aims to eliminate unwanted and harmful substances from our body to protect us from many diseases. Many experts believe it is a time-honoured way to keep blood circulation sound, toxin elimination regular, stress under control, and immune response high. This eventually prepares our body to handle the toxicity it encounters. Detoxification in the early days was used once a year for individually cleaning the body systems for general health maintenance. It was also used clinically for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Additives in foods that we eat, heavy metals, pollutants that run off in our water, pesticides, and residues from drugs are some of the biggest sources of harmful substances that enter our body. A number of people go through addictions and allergies in record numbers due to these impurities. Detox foot spa is an innovative way to detoxify the body and eliminate toxins through the pores present in the feet.

Detoxification through feet

Detox foot spa can help rebalance the bio-energy of your body to effectively maintain cells equilibrium of both positive and negative ions. This can eventually help kick-start the removal of unwanted harmful toxins. Foot detoxification treatment involves about 20-30 minutes of placing your feet in a bowl filled with water and electrolyte solution. Flow of electrons along with a bioenergetics field provides an enjoyable and relaxing treatment. Our feet contains about 2000 pores, the movement of ions draws toxins out of the body through those pores. The effective rebalancing of the cells leads to enhanced function of disposing off impurities and extracting nutrients. As a result, you get renewed energy levels both at physical and mental level with enhanced feeling of well-being. After detoxifying your body, you can get a refreshing feeling with no tiredness or fatigue. Your skin starts glowing, the growth of your hair improves, and eventually your overall look enhances. A boosted immune system lets you enjoy a disease free life, full of energy.

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