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Ringing Ear Causes – And What You Can Do To Help It

What’s causing the ringing in your ears? If you can figure that out, you may be able to stop it. In many cases of tinnitus ( the clinical term for ringing, humming, or clicking in the ears ) finding out the ringing ears cause can help you figure out what you should be doing to treat it. Here are the commonest reasons for ringing in the ears :

1 ) Ear Trauma. Most examples of tinnitus stem from damage to the ear after exposure to serious noises. Dependent on the length of the exposure and level of noise endured, the damage can either be temporary or permanent. If the exposure is an one-time event, like going to a loud concert, then the trauma is most likely non-permanent and the ringing ears should go away after a couple of days. It’s the lengthened exposure to intense noises, like someone that has worked in construction for years without the right ear protection, that’s rather more likely to experience long-standing damage to their ears. When prolonged exposure to loud noises is the reason for the ear ringing, it can be very tough to cure the tinnitus absolutely thanks to the long-standing damage to the ears, but there are things that you can do.

2 ) Infection. Another one of the more common causes of ringing ears is infection, whether bacterial or viral. You ( or your physician ) will know that the ringing ears spring from an infection as the ringing will be accompanied by other symptoms that signal an infection, like soreness or swelling, and the ear may feel hot to touch. Additionally, if the infection has gone into your inner ear, you may also experience woozy spellss and vertigo also. Treatment of this ringing ears cause will depend on what sort of infection you have ; bacterial infections are treated by antibiotics, while viral infections require rest and fluid to help your body fight off the infection with its natural defenses.

3 ) Low thyroid levels or raised blood pressure. This are less common causes of ringing ears. Many folks don’t know that ringing ears could be a sign of something else going in on your body that is absolutely not related to your hearing. Both low thyroid levels or high blood pressure can cause ringing ears, so be certain to get your doctor to test for this when you are diagnosed as having tinnitus. Once those conditions are corrected or brought under control, the tinnitus will most likely depart ; if it doesn’t disappear completely, it could be because you have more than one thing that is causing your ear ringing.

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