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Rock Life With Shilajit

Shilajit or Silajit is used in the Ayurveda and also top most traditional Indian system of medicine with a blessing of god to the mankind and also considered as amrit from God, given to them to live life youthfully and become immortal. Shilajit is a material that enhances strength, stamina, and stress relief. The color of Shilajit is pale brown to blackish brown and slimy to touch, pure and heavy. Shilajit contain at least 85 types of minerals in Ionic form, including triterpenes, himic acid, fulvic acid and aromatic carboxylic acid. Shilajit has been used since centuries but it was not known to the western world earlier.


Sanskrit meaning of Shilajit is Rock Like – the power to make human body like a rock enabling it to withstand the ravages of time. Shilajit have to be found in the Himalayan Mountains In India, Tibet, China and other region in the Himalayan belt. Shilajit is the end product of the plants which are trapped in rocks, decomposed and preserved due to high pressure. There are some factors for composition of this drug, like the species of plants involved, climatic conditions and altitude. Shilajit is a pure and natural herbal product, which is very useful in many diseases and serves as a potent tonic and one of the powerful ant aging herb and rejuvenator.


Benifits of Shilajit for both men & women:

1. Shilajit is an antioxidant, which stops generation of free radicals in the body and provides youthful life for longer time.

2. Shilajit purifies the blood & control blood pressure.

3. It is useful in Depression, Mental Stress, Mental Fatigue as well as Mental Concentration.

4. Shilajit is a very good pain relieving effect in any kind of injury and muscular pain.

5. Shilajit regulates the blood sugar level and well used in treating diabetes cases.

6. It is also helpful in making skin appear shiny, fresh and glowing.

7. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent that reduce acute chemically induced edema by 77%.

8. It is also helpful in urinary problems.

9. Shilajit is helpful therapy in piles and fistula related problems.

10. It also increases the core energy responsible for our sexual and spiritual power.


Proper way of taking Shilajit:

Shilajit is very safe herb for anyone and everyone to take. 2 Capsules per day is sufficient until to achieved the desired results.


Shilajit Side Effects:

It is being used traditionally since ages and it is also being used in the ayurvedic herbal medicines since many centuries, there is no significant side effects seen. But there is lack of studies as far as the clinical safety is concerned. Take proper dosages for its good results.


Now a days Shilajit has been verified, approved and patents offered by United States and also there are many testimonials from people who are taking this drug have been received improvements beyond their expectations. It is a very rare and most popular drug in nature and this is the reason for his high value. The best quality of Shilajit is found in only India with other names of asphaltum, girij and mineral pitch.



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