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Run a successful salon business, even in a down economy.

These economic times are bad. How can your nail salon survive while so many clients are giving up the luxury of a spa experience just to save money. The fact is, a spa experience is not a high dollar expense and is one of the last things a client will cut back on during hard economic times, opting first to cut back on the more expensive luxuries in life and holding on to the more affordable ones.

We at Salon Spa USA believe you can not only survive, but thrive in any economy. The key is the “salon experience”. The total salon atmosphere and experience is important, especially when times get tough. Face it, when do your clients need a total salon experience the most? Answer: when times are tough, or when they need a quick escape from the everyday world. The EXPERIENCE you provide your clients is the difference. You have the ability and the opportunity to really make a difference in peoples lives. Listen to your clients, make them feel special and brighten their day and they will keep coming back for more. When they keep coming back for more, your salon begins to thrive. Ask your clients why they like and enjoy your salon. Ask what you could do for them to make it even more enjoyable for them and put their suggestions into action. There is an atmosphere in America right now that exudes a lack of hope. Make your salon a sanctuary, a place where your customers can come and forget their troubles, even if it’s just for a short while. Stay small and flexible so that you can still give each and every client the attention and an experience they deserve so that they will look forward to their next visit with anticipation.

Keep up with new technologies, new systems and new product lines. In today’s market, and with today’s technologies, new products are introduced very quickly. Stay on top of your industry.

Assess your strengths, focus on them and do what you do best. After all, your goal should be to be the best in your industry.

Some additional things to do that will help any business in good or bad economic times:

1. Get back to the basics in how you manage and run your business.

2. Develop and refine (the emphasis on refine) the services you offer.

3. Continue to develop or hire highly trained employees. They are the backbone of your company.

4. Closely manage your inventory.

5. Keep up with changes in your market and industry.

6. Stay small and refined. Upgrading equipment such as pedicure chairs and salon furniture is much less of a burden if you don’t have a huge amount of equipment to maintain. The key is that you want to be sure that the equipment you do have is top of the line, and maintained in like new condition.

7. Ensure that your customer service is not just good, but exceptional.

8. Over deliver on service. Really pamper your customer and give them more than they expected.

9. Stay abreast of health concerns and sanitation and keep your salon SPOTLESS.

10. Marketing – Offer coupons and specials to your best, favorite and most loyal customers to keep them coming back for more. I guarantee you this is a great way to generate referrals from your existing clients.

All in all, stay energetic, positive and happy and don’t give up and you can be assured of a successful salon.

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