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Travel-and-Leisure Honeymoons Costa Rica Is Where You Can Find True Romance

31st July 2009 One of the most key parts of wedding planning is the honeymoon and that’s how it should be! This is such a special occasion where couples can take time off just for themselves and enjoy the holiday of their dreams. Different couples enjoy different things… Read >

Health  Healthcare Do Body Wraps Work At Losing Weight?

21st July 2009 Body wraps are many and varied – you can visit the spa and have one or even perform it yourself in the comfort of your own home. The big question being do body wraps work? Unbelievably they do work which is the reason why they are in the news more – even … Read >

Health  Healthcare Japanese Detox Solution

20th July 2009 Japanese detox usually refers to detox foot pads. This article will assist you discover more about these pads and if they are a better option to colon cleansers and other detox methods. These foot pads were first invented in Japan (hence the name Japan… Read >

Health  Healthcare Soothing Seaweed Body Wraps Help Detox, Lose Inches And Much More

16th July 2009 Seaweed body wraps are definitely on the hot list of things to do. Simply lay back and unwind while your body does all the work of detoxifying and soothing and tightening your skin at the same time. You can even lose inches too – all while you lay back an… Read >

Health  Healthcare Natural Pain Relief For Psoriatic Arthritis

10th July 2009 Psoriasis is a skin ailment and at least 2% of Caucasian people in the United States suffer from this disease. The sad fact is that a small percentage of these persons can develop psoriatic arthritis. Typically this would occur during the ages of 35 to 45… Read >

Travel-and-Leisure Your Goal: Vacation Homes In Costa Rica

08th July 2009 What do you know about Costa Rica?Some people refer to it as the new Hawaii as the place is booming and it’s not too far to get there. This beautiful country is in Central America between Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South. There is the Pacifi… Read >

Health  Healthcare Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

08th July 2009 The health and wellness sector has detox foot pads as the new kid on the block. There is, however, lots of concern about them. You can read lots of reports in the media saying they are scams. So what is the truth and just what are they? They have bee… Read >

Health  Healthcare What The Deal With Detox Foot Pads?

08th July 2009 Detox foot pads are always in the news these days. Many people are concerned about them though. They are touted as scams by the media. So what are they and do they work or not? They have been used for many years successfully in Asia, particularly Jap… Read >

Health-and-Fitness Solution To A Healthy Colon Body Cleanse

07th July 2009 Everybody today is into health and fitness. On the other hand many of us are carrying around way too much fat.It’s like we live in a Jekyll and Hyde world! We see signs of this each day and there is so much information about it , but we have to find the r… Read >

Health  Healthcare Cleansing The Colon WIth The Lemonade Diet

02nd July 2009 The lemonade diet sounds really enticing, doesn’t it? It dates back to 1941 and has frequently been secretly – sometimes not so secretly – been used by Hollywood celebrities. This is also known as The Master Cleanse and Stanley Burroughs, a naturopath,… Read >

Health  Healthcare Why Detox Teas Are Effective

02nd July 2009 Nowadays tea is just a second class citizen. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Chinese have been imbibing teas for centuries and also utilizing them to cure diseases. Still, the West is waking up and we now have an amazing variety, including de… Read >

Health  Healthcare Are Ionic Foot Baths A Scam?

01st July 2009 Many people swear by ionic foot baths as a way to detox your body. I was very fascinated myself and was fortunate enough to get a session. What are ionic foot baths? Well, they look a lot like one of the foot baths you can buy With the ionic one, y… Read >

Food-and-Drink A Tea Gift Basket Is A Great Choice For Friends And Family

19th June 2009 It’s a fact that North Americans aren’t just drinking coffee anymore. Tea is acquiring popularity every day. It is good for you, tastes great, you can drink it piping hot in the winter or cold over ice in the summer. A tea gift basket is something won… Read >

Health-and-Fitness If You Want To Target Weight Loss, Colon Cleanse Is A Good

30th March 2009 Almost everyone has heard about cleansing the colon but not everyone knows that it can also result in losing weight. When you think about it, cleansing the colon helps get rid of all the waste that has accumulated in your system so that’s possibly a coupl… Read >

Health-and-Fitness Use Colon Cleansing, Detox Your Body

23rd March 2009 Your colon is the final part of your GI tract an a healthy GI tract is essential to good health. The colon is where everything that hasn’t been digested and put into your bloodstream ends up. It contains the waste material of your body and as such needs t… Read >


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