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Secrets of the Detox Foot Spa Can Now Be Yours

The feet are famed to be the body’s second heart based on ancient reflexology beliefs. This is because they are connected to the body’s major internal organs, the nerve lines of which end at the soles of the feet. Using this amazing property of these body parts, scientists have invented detoxification tools that can target body organs such as the liver and the kidneys by way of the feet. The first such product is the detox foot spa.

When availing of a detox foot spa service, first you dip your feet in a tub full of water. You sprinkle some purifying salts into the water and then submerge a metal array. The detoxification system involved in this process is ion-based. As your body goes through cleansing, the color of the water changes. The shade the water adopts indicates the body part being detoxified. A detox foot spa usually takes thirty minutes, but it really varies based on the age of the user. It is natural and non-invasive, safe enough even for children four and above.

Detox foot pads are another of these feet-oriented detox products available in the market today. You adhere them to the soles of your feet and while you are sleeping, they will stimulate toxin elimination in your system, drawing the harmful contaminants out of the pores of your feet. In the morning when you peel them off, they will be wet, darker in color, and probably reeking too. Detox foot pads are safe, wholesome, and convenient to anybody’s schedule.

Detox foot spa and detox foot pads, while relatively safe and painless, also do have limitations for their use. A detox foot spa, for example, needs for the user to be properly hydrated and not adorned with anything metallic. After all, electricity is used in detox foot spa, so it makes sense to be careful. Detox foot pads, while the more convenient and more natural option, also have guidelines for their use. People with certain medical conditions are advised against using them, the same with detox foot spa.

Detox foot spa or detox foot pads are not meant to act as substitutes for prescribed drugs. They are body cleansing tools and if they do bring curative results, these are a mere bonus for having restored your good health.

For optimum results, manufacturers of both products encourage a healthy lifestyle among their users. Maintaining good health is a matter of choice. Detox tools such as the aforementioned are reparatory in nature and they bring forth the best results among those who do not abuse their bodies.

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