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Shaving tips

I added this section to the site mainly because I believe men get a pretty rough deal when it comes to grooming and I want to make sure you all get the best advice I can find. I constantly find that women pick on men for either being too rough or taking care of themselves too much, and it adds just as much pressure for a man to look good as it does for women when they look at skinny models in magazines and feel they need to diet, so if you are a woman reading this (which you shouldn’t be) then ease up on your man he has feelings too.

OK so shaving is a pretty standard task that takes place normally before work when you really cant be arsed, you splash some warm water on your face, slap some foam on your face and rip yourself to shreds with a Bic and end up sore and blotchy, but do you care? no of course you don’t you only woke up half an hour ago.

I think most men including me need to go back to school when it comes to shaving and learn to do it properly because if its done right the results are far better and a bit of after care goes a long way.


I strongly believe that you should shave at night before bed just as you would wash and brush your teeth, the reason is that your face is more relaxed than first thing in the morning, and your concentration is better also shaving at night means you wont need to do it in the morning which means more time in bed. Before you reach for the razor it is worth prepping the face before a shave, use a pre shave wash like king of shaves, this helps cleanse the skin and get rid of any dirt before a shave.

Applying Foam or Gel:

It’s time to go back to how your grandad did it, using a shave brush is a brilliant way to shave, the brush acts as a mild exfoliant and brings the hairs up ready for shaving. Use a good gel or foam such as loreal for men or nivea and apply a good amount using the brush, work it into the face in a circular motion to help raise the hairs. Once you have a good even coating your ready for shaving.

The Shave:

By far the best way to shave is to use a cutthroat style razor they give an exceptionally close shave, but unless you visit a specialist barber that can do this for you it’s not very practical for everyday use, so instead use a good quality single blade razor, these fancy razors that offer 4 blades are in my opinion a waste of time and money. When shaving always go with the hair growth and never against it as this is what causes razor burn, going with the growth means you wont get sore and if your razor is of good quality you will get a very close shave.

After Care:

After you have finished shaving the aftercare is just as important as the shave itself, a good quality non fragranced moisturiser should be used on the face and neck, never use alcohol based liquids such as aftershave this will just inflame the skin. Below is a selection of products available on amazon which I think work well when shaving, try out shaving this way and i’m sure you will find it much better, let us know what you think by leaving a comment”.

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