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Sleep Paralysis Causes and Treatment

During sleep paralysis, you remain half awake and half asleep. You find that you cannot move. Getting panicky only worsens the situation. If you panic, you might hallucinate that there is something evil in the room. You might see grotesque figures or you might imagine that something is trying to kill you. This is pure hallucination, created by a terrified mind. Unfortunately, it could drive many people from having delightful lucid dreaming experiences.

The visions and sensations you feel are real to you and you try and react but because the body is aware that you are in a dream it effects paralysis upon you It’s normal to panic and feel fear in such situations but it can be controlled. So when it comes to sleep paralysis help we try and get rid of all the things that will disrupt your normal sleeping cycle. The most obvious things are avoiding alcohol, smoking or caffeine just before you sleep.

Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are known stimulants that will affect your sleep. Avoid taking them just before you got to sleep. When you go to sleep try and be relaxed, being tense and stressful will likely trigger the paralysis. Not keeping a regular sleeping timetable is also another of the known sleep paralysis causes. Try and maintain constant times for waking up and going to sleep.

There are so many things that are known to cause paralysis. Basically though; it is anything that will disrupt your normal sleep routine and cause you to suddenly wake up. If you want to know how to stop sleep paralysis, just stay away from sleep disturbances that’s all. Two of the most common culprits are light and sound. Sleeping in a dark room that is free from sound is highly recommended.

To avoid sleep paralysis hallucination there are number of avoidance measures that you can try. The first being to sleep in a room that is quiet and is fairly dark and quiet. This is because sound and light are do interfere with the normal sleep of a person. Another thing that you can do to bring this problem under control is follow a regular sleeping schedule.

It generally occurs when in the middle of your sleep you are suddenly interrupted and you were having a dream. What you need to know is that the reaction times of the body and the brain in this situation are become different. You become locked in a state of partial awareness and sleepiness at the same time. Trying to figure what is part of the dream and the reality that you have woken up to can be confusing for the body.

One of the best ways to treat this disease is to reduce stress as well as tensions from the mind of the individual. Exercising too helps a lot in treating this problem. It is very important that you go for a consultation of a good doctor who would be able to suggest appropriate medicines in order to cure this problem. There might be some mental disturbances in the mind of a person when he suffers from sleep paralysis.

If you want to avoid sleep paralysis then your room should be free of disturbances that will affect your brain in your state of sleep. Avoid light and sound which tend to quickly bring the brain out of sleep. This is an extensive subject that has been well researched; more detailed and comprehensive answers are available.

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