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So! Why is it Really Important That We Detox

Detox foot therapy

The soles of the feet have about 2,000 pores. The body, during a detox foot therapy, uses these pores to release toxins from the body. Using a detox foot therapy device simply helps speed up this natural detox process. In fact, so invigorating is the affect that people claim to feel more energetic and get sounder sleep after the therapy.

This device is designed to restore the body’s balance and energy levels by facilitating the natural detoxification process. Furthermore, clinical trials have proven that detoxing restores and balances the body’s PH and electromagnetic energy.

Our feet provide a pathway for the energy to flow to or from a particular organ in the body. A person’s current state of health is determined by how well the energy flows through these pathways. At the same time, balancing the body’s PH is also critical in assisting the body to detox as well as its ability to digest.

The direct current creates an ionic energy field in the foot bath similar to the energy produced by the human body, by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic (Bioenergetically) altered water environment. This energy is sub-threshold, meaning that the person generally will not feel the treatment. The feet are placed in the “Bioenergetic” water to receive the flow of appropriate ions. This increases the body’s energy levels.

After using the detox foot therapy, healthy individuals will feel lighter, more energetic, and experience a greater feeling of well-being. In fact, patients with pain, edema, gout, headache, and swollen joints have reported to have found immediate relief. Moreover, people with other conditions like arthritis, allergies, lymphedema, neuralgia and other such symptoms have experienced relief and benefit with repeat treatments.

Ionic detox foot spa

As believed in the science of reflexology, each foot is a channel, a conduit, through which the body attempts to cleanse itself of the build-up of toxic wastes and heavy metals in the body. During the foot bath, as the water interacts with a compound electric current and magnetic field structure, the body’s cleansing process helps the body cells to return to a healthy state and release the accumulated waste.

The ionic detox foot spa can improve a person’s well-being in 30 minutes in 3 possible ways. It:

oReactivates weakened cells through the use of electrical impulses oStimulates the nerve endings in the feet, thereby regulating the functions of the internal organs and eliminating blockages in the meridian pathways oDrains toxins from the lymphatic system thus detoxifying the various channels in the body

The ionic detox foot spa:

oIncrease vitality oBalances meridians oCleanses and detoxifies oReduces and alleviates pain oDecreases irritability oEnergizes oImproves joint function oEnhances metabolism oImproves sleep oSupports immune system function oCombats the aging process

The use of the ionic detox foot spa re-aligns the body back to a healthy 80-20 ratio of negative to positive ions. Through the process of electrolysis the water molecules are split into its simple elements: hydrogen and oxygen. During detox, negative ions are released and absorbed into the body while the negative ions attack and remove free radicals, purging all toxins and nucleic waste product generated in the cells and their surrounding membrane. This action restores proper cell function.

Detox foot spa accessories

The detox foot spa is a silver grey portable device which is a durable, hard wearing, light and easy to carry. With its own detachable lid, this system is designed for easy transportation. The portable system comprises of:

oPower supply (100-240v with UK plug) oControl Unit oCoil Array oBase with built in Foot Bath oMolded lid which clips on to the Base oLow Sodium Salt oMeasuring spoon oOperators Manual oPosters (A3 sized) and other publicity materials

This unit uses a 30 minute timer, which divides the session into 5 stages. At each stage a light comes on. At the end of the 30 minute session a bleep will be heard and the control unit will automatically switch off.

Additional items such as replacement arrays, liners, etc. are also available. Most of the components are designed to last a lifetime, but the array wears out with use and so needs replacing periodically.

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