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Sophisticated Rain Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed underground level and it can also be placed on the rooftop for getting fresh water. After the collection of the rainwater into the container or reservoir, this stored water must be purified and distilled through the sophisticated filtering systems. How to collect rainwater for the safe storage in the reservoir? Usually, rainwater sits on the roof during heavy downpour. If your roof is large in size and if it is cordoned off with a short heighted wall which will encircle the rooftop, water will be easily collected in the catchment. You can use this water for domestic purpose. Now there are other sources of harvesting rainwater. The open land, ground floor, park and stormwater drainage systems can be used for storing rainwater for doing household work. However in rural area ponds and canals store rainwater. These ponds and short lakes are filled to brim with rain water during rainy days. This excess water can be used for cultivation purpose. You can channelize the stagnant water of ponds through canals and drains to the fields and arable land for irrigation purpose. These conventional water bodies are very user friendly to people. They can utilize the excess water for cultivating paddy field and watering the plants.

Ecozi has earned worldwide goodwill due to the reliable service. This company provides consumers absolutely cost effective and energy efficient rainwater harvesting systems for preserving water with the main purpose of conducting different types of domestic works. You can wash apparels and utensils with this excess water which is stored in the well protected container. Ecozio is also able to offer the excellent water filtering tools with the rainwater harvesting systems. That why you can drink filtered water as well. Ecozio is famous for offering energy efficient flawless water preserving accessories which will perform more brilliantly and competently.

However, UK government has enacted a number of water harvesting regulations so that people will get proper assistance to install the rainwater harvesting systems in their buildings. For instance, in Great Britain and Wales, the Water Supply Regulations 1999is very important law which has facilitated people to install the reservoirs and water tanks to store the rainwater. However there are some hard and fast rules which must be abided by consumers when they will decide to purchase rainwater harvesting systems for getting fresh water. As per the water consumption regulations, the reservoir must be placed in the right place where there is very little chance of backflow of rainwater to other side. The rainwater must be stored in perfect way so that water should not be infected or contaminated. The pipes and filtering systems must be properly fixed so that water will not overflow the ground reservoir. As per the direction and instructions of WRAS # 9-02-05, water pipes must be properly marked and fitted. Ecozi is the best option to install the rainwater harvesting systems in the commercial and residential buildings.

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