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Steam Bath Detox For A Healthier Way Of Life

Detoxification is the body’s natural method of expelling toxins from the body. This can be done by sweating, respiration, toilet visits and the proper function of the liver and kidneys. This is a vital funtion to maintain the body’s natural balance. Each year we are exposed to a plethora of manmade substances which our body finds difficult to eliminate this can cause hormhormonal dysfunction, psychological disturbances and some cases cancer.

Health complications can be counteracted by the use of a purposeful detoxification programme.

Up to 30% of the body’s waste products can be emitted through the skin which is also known as the body’s third kidney

Artificial Fever which is when the body’s core temperature rises above its normal level of 98.6(37C) is one of the best ways to detox. This can be done by using a steam sauna, classic sauna or Infrared sauna.

30% of the body’s waste products can pass through the skin through perspiration, in particular this can be complex organic compounds and heavy metals.

The production of White blood cells, vital for the body’s immune system are promoted by the use of a sauna or steam bath.

Artificial Fever detoxification has been proven to be the only detox programme that can remove fat-stored toxins.

A steam bath session is only 10-15 minutes compared to the 20-25 minutes required for a classic or Infrared sauna. This is because artificial fever or hypothermia is achieved much faster in a 100% humid environment, as the sweat produced cannot evaporate which allows the user to cool down. The net result of this is that the body’s core temperature rises at a faster rate in a steam sauna.

With either method, the results are excellent and coupled with a healthy diet and plenty of water marked improvements in skin tone and overall wellbeing are common.

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