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Streamline Adds New High Speed Multilayer Pcb Testing Equipment

Streamline Circuits continues to invest in equipment for high speed, cost effective manufacturing, focused on high density printed circuit boards requirements. Todays chip manufactures continue to push the capabilities of PCB industry. Chip producers are creating smaller chip packages, which have made it much more difficult for circuit board manufactures to build and test todays advanced multilayer PCB products. New chip technology requires micro BGAs that range in size from .05mm, .04mm, .035mm and.025mm. These tight pitches have forced many of the top PCB manufactures to discard their older testing methods such as clam shell type testing, and adopt new testing methods and equipment. Currently Streamline Circuits is one of a few shops who can afford to keep up with the technology.  To meet the increasing demand for quicker turns and higher volume high density PCB orders, Streamline Circuits has purchased the ATG Eliminator E6, which not only cuts test time during the flying probe test (FPT) but also cuts costs per order. The E6 leverages FPT advantages of fixtureless, quick test preparation and programming, while slow test times per PCB, FPT’s historical weakness. The ATG Eliminator E6 makes FPT as part of the Eliminator Test Cell suitable for prototyping, pre-production and higher-volume production at electrical testing.  The ATG Eliminator E6 scans PCB panels at a rate of up to 76.2 mm (3″)/second using 10,000 fingers to probe for shorts and or openings on every network on the circuit board regardless of density, test pad size and pitch, or number of PCB images per panel, providing users with improved speed and throughput rates. The board will then complete the last 8% to 15% of the test with the FPT, which results in less than 2 minutes per panel during this stage compared to as long as 4 hours a test panel. What does this mean? It means that for simply inserting the panels into separate machine for a few minutes, Streamline Circuits reduces FPT test time by as much as 78%!  The most significant benefit of the ATG Eliminator E6 is the elimination of expensive test tooling and fixturing, particularly for the most complex multilayer printed circuit boards. This would include the specific fixture material cost, related overhead, assembly direct labor, and storage expenses associated with fixture tools. Not to mention, it would increase a circuit board manufactures output capacity dramatically.  Streamline Circuits Tom Doslak (VP) is proud to say that just one ATG Eliminator E6 effectively increases the throughput for each of our several Flying Probe Testers 3 to 4 times, significantly increasing our test capacity. This PCB tester not only helps our testing capacity, but allows Streamline to test all of todays advanced technology requirements. These advanced products usually consist of via in pad technology that will include: blind and buried vias, sequential lamination and laser copper filled vias. This assortment of advanced technology will make our products much more challenging to build and test in a time sensitive manner. Thus, by having this tester and many other advanced tools and equipment allows Streamline Circuits Corporation to build advanced PCB technology faster and more reliable then anyone in the world.  Streamline Circuits is a committed provider of high quality PCB technology. We provide our customers with the most advanced processes for manufacturing of multilayer PCBs including micro via technology, 12 stacked vias for via in pad, blind and buried vias with epoxy fill. This technology allows Customers to develop cost effective products in a time sensitive manner and get their quality products to market quickly.


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