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Teeth Whitening Gives Pearly Smile

One of the most important aims of cosmetic dentistry is to give you that pearly smile! The services provided under cosmetic dentistry include teeth whitening, braces, dental implants etc.

Teeth whitening is the latest trend in dentistry, especially in London and UK. It enjoys impeccable popularity across the globe. The treatment of teeth whitening aims to remove the stain and general discolouration of teeth and increase their brightness.

While making the teeth brighter and whiter, teeth whitening process involves a bleaching process. There are various types of teeth whitening treatments ranging from home self-treatment kits to in-office treatments. There are several conditions which decide whether the teeth whitening is suitable for you or not. Those conditions include the severity of stains, rapidity of result desired, cost and the sensitivity of the tooth.

Teeth whitening treatments include take-home kits, over-the-counter gels and whitening strips and in-office applications of bleaching gels in conjunction with high intensity light (or laser) for accelerated whitening.

One hour teeth whitening or cosmetic laser teeth whitening is part of the in-office professional teeth whitening and one of the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry. It aims to make your teeth whiter and brighter within just an hour thereby making your smile healthier and vibrant. During this process, a patient is made to lie down in the chair and a protective silicone rubber coating is painted around the gums so that whitening gel does not spread to gums. The whitening gel is then painted on the teeth to be whitened, usually second premolar to second premolar upper and lower arches. A light is then placed over the teeth for fifteen minutes to enhance the whitening process. The gel is then washed away. The process repeated twice more. Dentists kent a take-home kit to get the maximum benefits of this laser whitening.

Teeth whitening home treatments include a custom-made mouth tray. The dentist will advise the patient to wear this tray containing whitening gel. The tray is created after taking an impression of the teeth. The tray needs to be worn during sleep or for short periods during the day. The gel releases oxygen on contact with the teeth and this breaks down stains and whitens the teeth. Results are usually seen after two weeks.

When you have decided to take teeth whitening treatment, it is important to spot the correct cosmetic dentist rather than the hair dresser! Now-a-days, people also go to hair dressers to take teeth whitening treatment. But, while doing so, one needs to take into consideration that teeth whitening is not just cutting your hair! It has to do with your overall oral health. Therefore, it is rather a medical issue and not a matter of fashion or cosmetics.

The reason that people may be tempted to go to salons or hairdressers to whiten their teeth is cheaper rates being offered by those salons. Many a times, these salons tend to use cheaper chemicals to whiten teeth which eventually weaken or erode your enamel. Thus, the cheaper materials used in treatment automatically make your treatment cheaper at the cost of your overall oral and general health, see on dental web sites designs.

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