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Test And Tag Newcastle How Often Should Equipment Be Inspected

You dont need to have all your electrical equipment inspected and tagged regularly unless they meet the following conditions: 1.) the electrical equipment is used in construction work, or; 2.) the equipment may be affected by the environment. The second part means that the workplace can cause stresses to the equipment through moisture, high temperature, vibrations, or the presence of corrosive chemicals which can damage the internal mechanism of the machines. Specialists of test and tag Newcastle are able to conduct eye-tests of which of your equipment needs to be checked during the onsite visit.


Outside of the above requirements, you can conduct risk assessment if you are going to replace your equipment or if there are untoward incidents involving electrical equipment.


Test and tag Queensland


Regardless of who will be undertaking the inspection, the electrical contractor cant proceed without authority from the employer. This means is bad news for you. Queensland has the most rigorous electrical safety laws in all of Australia. By authorising somebody to work on your electrical equipment even if you know he has no license to do so, you can be fined and your workplace warned. You cant escape liability by claiming lame excuses about not knowing its against the law. The regulations in Queensland also set guidelines when the inspections should be conducted according to the type of work.


Following a checklist


After the inspection, a copy should be obtained by the employer of the type of work done. If you outsourced test and tag Perth, another copy should be retained by the electrical contractor. What is contained in the report? It states the name of the electrical contractor, the date of inspection or maintenance, the result of the inspection, and the date of the next test and tag. The employer is also required to write down how he determined the competency of the electrical contractor who does the testing and tagging. The report can be written down in registry, computer or logbooks just so they can be accessed easily by the employers, employees or company representatives. Government inspectors or safety officials have the right to access these reports.


Hiring authorised providers


The stringent requirements on electrical safety necessitate the hiring of certified providers of test and tag in Newcastle. This is not only to ensure that your electrical equipment and appliances are safe for use but also your business is insulated from any kind of penalty from government regulators.


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