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The Benefits Of Sipping Hot, Ionized Water

The sipping of hot ionized water has a profound cleansing effect on all the tissues of the body. It helps reduce overall toxicity, improves circulatory functions, and balances bile. When you boil water for 15 to 20 minutes, it becomes thinner (its molecule clusters are reduced from the normal number of about 10,000 to one or two clusters), and it is charged and saturated with negative oxygen ions (hydroxide, OH). When you take frequent sips of this water throughout the day, it begins to systematically cleanse the tissues of the body and help rid them of certain positively charged ions (those associated with harmful acids and toxins).

Most toxins and waste materials carry a positive charge and, thus, naturally tend to attach themselves to the body, which is negatively charged overall. As the negative oxygen ions enter the body with the ingested water, they are attracted to the positively charged toxic material. This neutralizes waste and toxins, turning them into fluid matter that the body can remove easily. For the first couple of days or even weeks of cleansing your body tissues in this way, your tongue may take on a white or yellow coating, an indication that the body is clearing out a lot of toxic waste. If you have excessive body weight, this cleansing method can help you shed many pounds of body waste in a short period of time, without the side effects that normally accompany sudden weight loss.

Directions: Boil water for 15 to 20 minutes and pour it into a thermos. Stainless steel thermoses are fine. The thermos keeps the water hot and ionized throughout the day. Take one or two sips every half hour all day long, and drink it as hot as you would sip tea. You may use this method anytime you do not feel well, have the need for decongesting, wish to keep the blood thin, or simply want to feel more energetic and clear. Some people drink ionized water for a certain duration, such as three to four weeks; others do it ongoing.

The oxygen ions are generated through the bubbling effect of boiling water, similar to water falling on the ground in a waterfall or breaking against the seashore. In the thermos, the water will stay ionized for up to 12 hours or for as long as it remains hot. The total amount of water you need to boil to give you enough hot, ionized water for one day would be about 20 to 24 ounces.

Please note: This specially prepared water should not substitute for normal drinking water. It doesn’t hydrate the cells like normal water does; the body uses it to only cleanse the tissues.

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