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The Best Way To Detox Your Body Is All Natural With No Added Toxins

There are many different ways to detoxify the body and enhance natural immunities. Many experts recommend that a regular regime can eliminate toxins that have accumulated in organs such as the liver and kidneys, the blood stream, as well as the brain and heart. They tell you that eating fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants, as well as drinking lots of water can flush these impurities from your system. However, is there a best way to detox your body? The problem is that while these are all great ways to flush the body, the best way to detox the body is through drinking plenty of water. However, the drinking water from your tap can have many contaminants and toxins in it. These include lead and other heavy metals, fluoride, as well as many others can be present in common household drinking water. There are so many of these in tap water that it will have exactly the opposite effect, putting more toxins into your system than flushing them out. While the best way to detox your body is through drinking at least eight to ten full glasses of water a day, how can you be sure that you are only drinking pure water and nothing else? You can go to the local store and start buying drinking water in bottles. However, bottled water has been found to contain just as many contaminants as tap water. Another problem is that these come in plastic bottles. While you can recycle them, many people don’t, so they end up in land fills, contributing to the Planet’s toxins. The alternative and the best way to drink only pure water and nothing else is through water filtration. Numerous different water purification systems abound in the market today, and this is where another problem arises, choosing the right one for your home. There are three types of water filters, and many options of filtrating the water. The three types of filters are a point-of-use unit and a sink model that attaches under the sink, and a whole house filtration system that links directly to the water line coming into your home. The complete house systems are probably the best idea, especially if you want purified water coming out of every tap, but these do not fit into everyone’s budget. The point-of-use filter has the better price and is cost effective, but you have to be careful when buying them. You have to make sure that whatever filtration method that is used filters out at least 99 percent, if not more, of the contaminants in your tap water. It is important that you remove impurities from you body, and the best way to do this is by eating the right foods, and drinking lots of clean and healthy water. It is also crucial that the water you are drinking is not actually doing more harm to your body than good.

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