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The Body Wrap – A Detox Miracle

It is a well-known fact and research confirms that due to pollution and chemicals in our environment, our bodies have become more susceptible to disease and seem to be fighting a losing battle in trying to expel unwanted toxins from our system. In everyday life we consume chemicals foreign to our bodies. This comes in the form of caffeine in the coffee and energy drinks we consume. Products on the supermarket shelf contain preservatives to prolong their shelf live. Preservatives contain chemicals and often the colorants and flavorings do to. Traces of pesticide residue can often still be found on fruit and vegetables we eat. Smoking fills your lungs and body with disease-causing toxins and to top it all, we eat refined food instead of high fiber and drink carbonated sugary drinks instead of fresh juice or water.

The body works like a machine. Bio chemicals are the body’s own toxins which are releases into the bloodstream during the natural process of cell regeneration etc. With the help of your liver and lymphatic system, these naturally produced toxins are removed from your body. But when the toxins build up is so high and your body cannot handle the extra amount of work, it becomes tired and the process slows down, causing more toxin build up. This is when you start to feel tired all the time, your bowel movements become irregular and your immune system fails to protect you from the onslaught of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. This would be a good time for you to consider cleaning your body with an effective detox.

Detox come in many forms, from drinking tea, to eating healthy, to making permanent lifestyle changes. One of the most effective options available is a body wrap. These wraps were originally designed to assist in weight management. The body was wrapped in plastic or bandages and centimetres were lost during this process called vasodilatation. Recently the added benefits of body wraps have evolved this version of weight loss to a detox that purifies your body and cleanses it from toxins through your skin.

During a detox wrap your body is smeared with any combination of seaweed, essential oils, mud, sea salt and herbs and spices after which you are wrapped up with cloth, plastic or just left with the products to dry on your skin. During this process your metabolism is stimulated and your body temperature increased so that your pores open and toxins are released through your skin.

Body wraps are designed for different detox purposes depending on the results you seek. Some wraps only cleanse your body while others tighten and lift or rejuvenate the skin. Whatever your problem area, body wraps can certainly help in eliminating toxins, cellulite and refresh tired or stretched skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your body wrap to assist in the removal of toxins.

Many body wrap programmes come with a guarantee for centimetre loss or other desirable results. Make sure you read the instructions and follow the procedures correctly when doing a home body wrap. Wraps are relaxing and fun so give your body a boost and try one today.

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