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The Bodyblade Workout

Those who have been working in the fitness industry for years never cease to be amazed at the ingenious devices that are created for the intended purpose of making fitness training easier and more effective; to provide faster and more efficient workouts. One recent addition to the mix is the Bodyblade. It looks a little bit like a sword, and is purported by its marketers to be quite effective in strengthening core muscles and getting you into shape. What is the real scoop?

The Bodyblade is a long slender device that does appear similar to a blade. It is quite flexible and has a handle in the middle. It weighs but a few pounds and its length can vary from 2 feet to 5 feet. It is purported to be of great benefit to both old and young for strengthening the muscles of the back and the abs, and is intended for use by anyone including athletes and those in rehabilitation. The major benefits ascribed to the Bodyblade are essentially anaerobic; building muscle and burning excess body fat. There is some aerobic benefit, but it is minimal.

According to the manufacturers, the Bodyblade works in the following manner. When you shake the blade, it creates forces that strengthen your muscles and improve your sense of balance. Simply hold the Bodyblade with both hands by the central handle, and begin shaking it. As you shake the Bodyblade the ends begin to move. As you shake harder you reinforce the vibrating motion and the Bodyblade moves faster.

It is claimed that the blade ends can be shaken in a cycle of 270 times per minute, which supposedly causes your muscles to strengthen by contracting an equal number of times. Standing in different positions, while shaking the Bodyblade, is said to exercise different groups of muscles. Resistance is increased by holding the Bodyblade farther away from the body, making it more difficult to shake.

As far as the devices contribution to weight loss the Bodyblades creators cannot say how many calories are burned by using the device. It depends on how fast and how violently the blade is shaken. If you are given to skepticism, get in line. The dubious nature of the claimed benefits indicates that your money might be better spent elsewhere.

This device is quite interesting as it appears to do something spectacular as it vibrates in response to your violent shaking. It is more of a toya fitness fad. I am sure that it will not be too long before you begin seeing them as near giveaways at local yard sales. It may have some limited benefit for rehabilitation, but not anymore than one would expect from a good set of free weights.


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