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The Detox Diet – Pros and Cons

You may have heard all sorts of claims made on behalf of detox diet programs, including those which say a detox diet will not only cleans the accumulated toxins from your body, but will let you drop as many as ten pounds in just a few days, clear up your skin disorders, flush away any retained fluids, and rid you of unsightly cellulite. With those kinds of claims, there is little mystery as to why so many people are adopting the detox diet.

The proponents of the detox diet claim that because of the high concentrations of toxins in our environments and regular diets, we are becoming increasingly unhealthy and need to undertake steps to cleanse our bodies of the toxic wastes which have accumulated in our tissues over the years. They claim that turning to the detox diet will result in more energy, stronger immune systems, a reduction in everyday aches and pains, and the elimination of bloat.

Foods On the Detox Diet

An individual following the detox diet will be eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains except for wheat and corn, and preparing meals with fresh herbs and cold-pressed organic virgin oils. He or she will also be staying away from meat, dairy, caffeinated, and alcoholic products, and, of course processed foods loaded with refined sugar and chemical preservatives, colors, and flavors.

If you decide to tackle the detox diet, you can boost its effects by incorporating other detoxification techniques into your lifestyle. Using body massage, saunas, and acupuncture will all complement the detox diet very well.

But is there really any basis for all the hype surrounding the detox diet? Many health experts are of he opinion that no hard proof exists showing that our bodies’ own elimination systems can’t handle their cleansing processes without the help of the detox diet. The skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, immune and lymphatic systems, and intestines are all designed by Mother Nature to isolate, neutralize, and eliminate and toxins which come their way.

Nutrition On The Detox Diet

And even those medical experts who agree that the foot detox can be beneficial agree that it should not be followed indefinitely, because it does not meet the minimum daily requirements of some nutrients. The lack of dairy foods in the detox diet means that it is short on calcium in particular, and can result in a calcium deficiency, causing fragile bones and teeth.

But there is no doubt that anyone who sticks with the detox diet for a couple of weeks will drop some weight. This weight loss is a natural result of the exclusion of fatty meats and dairy products and refined sugar from the detox diet. If you like the sound of the detox diet but are concerned about its nutritional shortcomings, you can have the best of both worlds by simply following the detox diet for two or three days each month.

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