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The Detox Foot Spa – Can it Cure Your Sleeplessness

The Detox Foot Spa is proving to be one of the most helpful machines one can own. In addition to the numerous benefits listed in articles about the Detox Foot Spa, another has come from a most unlikely source.

When a friend came to help with chores, she noticed the Detox Foot Spa sitting next to the sofa and asked what it was. After learning how it works and hearing a personal testimony of the benefits from using the Detox Foot Spa, she decided to tell her husband what she had learned. He has chronic aches and pains in addition to severe digestive problems. A few days later, she called and ordered their personal Detox Foot Spa. When the machine arrived, she read the manual and had everything ready for her husband to get his first Detox Foot Spa treatment after they had dinner. They had chosen to take a one-hour treatment rather than the normal thirty-minute treatment. About 45 minutes into the treatment, she called to say that the water was the color of strong tea with many particles and an oily film floating on the water. She reported that when both she and her married daughter had taken treatments, there was evidence of heavy metal, and yeast floating in the water after their treatment was complete. She even had a great suggestion for everyone who uses the Detox Foot Spa – buy a white or clear tub for the treatments so you can see the full impact!

Three treatments later and a concerned phone call revealed that she and her daughter had a stinging sensation where the wristband touched their wrist. She was not sure if her wrist was completely dry when she attached the electrode band on herself but the daughter was dry. A phone call to the dealer gave an easy fix – simply turn the voltage down when the stinging sensation occurs. She was ecstatic and began to share more information about their experience with the Detox Foot Spa. Apparently, she and her husband both had a problem sleeping soundly but not the case after taking a treatment with the Detox Foot Spa. She said her husband was sleeping like a baby since taking the treatments and that she slept soundly on the nights she took a treatment as well. For those of you having trouble sleeping who would rather not take a sleep aid, the Detox Foot Spa may be the perfect fix.

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