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The Foot Detox – A Simple Yet Effective Way of Cleansing Your Body

Doing a foot detox is currently the most popular means of detoxifying the body. Here, there is no need to undergo a radical change in lifestyle and diet. Thus, it is considered to be the simplest form of cleansing the body.

The foot detox has been first developed in Japan, where it was considered as an alternative form of healing. The Chinese people followed this and produced different types of alternative detoxification procedures which have been used for several years.

The process of foot detoxification can be traced back to the Chinese practice of reflexology. This procedure employs the more than 360 acupuncture points in the body, 60 points of which can be found in the soles of the foot. These points are said to match specific internal organs of the body and help determine which organs are potential homes for toxins. Also, blood circulation passes by the furthest part of the feet before being pumped back to the higher parts of the body.

This makes the soles of the feet the last points of the circulation wherein the blood is the easiest to reach because it is nearer on the surface of the skin. Further, being the last point makes it tantamount to having transported a large accumulation of blood toxins before bringing these toxins to the internal organs. Thus, foot detox has been born through this fact.

In the process of a foot detox, certain points are detoxified depending on the internal organ that needs to be cleansed. For instance, when a liver has to be detoxified, the patch or pad is placed on the point which corresponds to the liver. From there, detoxification begins.

The two types of foot detox are foot spa and foot patch. The detox foot spa, also called ionic detox foot bath, involves putting the feet inside a basin filled with salted water along with some electric currents. The electric current running in the water produces positively charged ions which, when it comes into contact with water, will neutralize the negatively charged ions in the body, which are actually toxins. After neutralization, these ions exit through the soles of the feet and can cause the water to turn a different color.

The detox foot patch, on the other hand, is more convenient and simpler than foot bath. All one has to do is paste a pad filled with ingredients such as tourmaline, vinegars, natural vitamin sources, herbs and mushrooms. It is recommended that these patches be put before going to bed and should be in place for at least 8 hours.

The foot detox is very ideal for those who do not have that much leisure of time to cleanse their body. Being a safe option also adds up to its advantages. Some report that it really helps alleviate pains and aches. Swellings and inflammations may also be reduced.

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