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The Green Pregnancy Diet – Save Yourself, Your Baby and Your Planet With This Healthy Program

Pregnancy is one of the reasons why you must take good care of your body. It is also said to be one of the most sacred times during a woman’s life. During the span of nine months, mothers should pay extra attention in caring for their body because this will greatly affect the little body rowing inside them. The Green Pregnancy Diet authored by Radha McLean and reviews by Tara Gidus, RD, will provide the pregnant woman with all the information she needs to know on how to cook foods that will definitely be healthy, chemical-free and non-toxic even while giving ion to those midnight cravings.

The Green Pregnancy Diet is a true vegetarian eating guide that is inclusive of more than twenty simple recipes. You will also have access on the information in health and environmental benefits of eating organic and vegetarian diets including some tips for creating a green kitchen and supplement and nutrient recommendations. This is a perfect program will help you maintain an ideal weight during pregnancy, ensuing that you and your baby are benefiting as well as the planet. In the book, you will find:

Healthy vegetarian diets that are especially made for pregnant women Meals that are purely organic, toxic-free and whole foods Recipes that are very easy to make The benefits for you, your baby and the planet Suggestions on how to gradually reduce your meat and poultry consumption

If you are not a vegetarian and refuse to be one, there is a suggestion that you can do to your health and make the planet healthy at the same time by cutting on your intake of meat each week. It is recommended in the book that you eat whole-foods composed of plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, tofu and pre-natal supplements.

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