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The Right Way to Detox Your Body

To feel and look better some believe today that you should detox your body. That may indeed be an excellent option for you. Imagine how much better you will feel when you detox your body. With a better functioning body, you will be able to do more of the things you like to do, and with less pain and more energy.

As you research the best ways to detox the body, I want you to consider something very important.

But first, my advice does not apply to conventional medicine detoxification programs such as dialysis, and those that rehabilitate alcohol or drug addictions.

My focus is on your using natural body cleansing methods such as detox diets, colon hydrotherapy, and detox baths.

No matter which method you decide on to detox the body, it’s a good bet that most beneficial natural body cleansing programs involve the use of water.

For example, water is an important part of most liquid diets. Of course water is the only component of water fasts. And water is primary to saunas, enemas, contrast showers, and the Aqua Detox.

You have probably heard that the body is over 70% water. But did you know that the brain is more than 75% water? Blood is 80% water, and the liver is 95% water.

It just makes sense then that water is the ultimate natural way to detox your body. So, whenever water plays a big role in your cleansing program, what kind of water do you use, or does it even matter?

How about using tap water to detox your body?

Most water treatment plants are old, use sand beds to filter out visible particles, and add bleach to disinfect, but they don’t remove synthetic organic chemicals.

Consider the contaminants found in tap water: chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides from agricultural runoff, cleaning products, dry-cleaning, gasoline, lawn chemicals, pharmaceuticals; the more researchers look for toxins the more they find.

So if you choose tap water to detox the body, I highly recommend a high quality water filter.

How about using bottled water to detox the body; that’s better, right?

Because most bottled water is sold in the state in which is produced there are little to no government requirements to assure that bottled water is any more pure than tap water.

A report published by the Natural Resources Defense Council says between 60% and 70% of all bottled water is exempt from the bottled water standards of the FDA.

And even when those standards apply, there are weaknesses in them. For example while forbidding any E-coli or fecal coliform bacteria in tap water, the FDA allows a certain amount of coliform bacteria in bottled water.

Also chemicals that can leach from plastic including plastic bottles, such as phthalate, are exempted by the FDA when it comes to bottled water.

So if you choose bottled water to detox your body, I again strongly recommend running it through a high quality water filter.

These facts about tap and bottled water quality should tell you that such water ought to be as clean as possible before coming in contact with your body.

And especially for any program where the purpose is to detox your body, I hope you now understand how important it is to use water of the highest purity.

Not only is purified drinking water beneficial to your health you might also want to explore the benefits of a shower water filter for your family. Discover more free tips on water filtration systems by visiting showerwaterfiltersite.com/. Bob Goodhand is an advocate for home and personal water purification systems to protect and promote healthy living.

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