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The Singapore Food Franchise That Brings Good Snacks

Snackz It! is all about serving good snacks that is easy to take-out and tasty to have.

Snackz It! was developed in 2005 with its first opening in a prominent Singapore shopping mall in August 2005. To date, Snackz It! has three successful outlets in Singapore inside Plaza Singapura, Tang Plaza and Bugis Junction.

Since its inauguration, Snackz it! has made huge progress in achieving its business objectives in achieving customer satisfaction, quality and reliability in the delivery of products and services; building and maintaining excellent relationships with the valued business partners, employees and customers; constantly improving and innovating the product offerings; and implementing strong internal controls and good operational and accounting practices.

Snackz It!s unique strength lies in its focus on great value. The founders are committed to serving quality food, establishing a well-defined service culture, and developing excellent relationships with its business partners, staff and customers. They are having intensive experience in the snack food business, setting up new stores and managing them successfully.

Snackz It! also boasts of a wide range of delectable food items that are fruits of conscientious and committed efforts in research and development. Snackz It! have collaborated closely with industry counterparts from Singapore, Taiwan and China to develop more creative foods and better processes and techniques.

Other than the menu items currently being offered at Snackz It! new products are introduced from time to time. Despite the wide selection, there is continuous effort to simplify and streamline operations and processes.

Snack It!s operations and processes do not demand a big space. With good kitchen planning, a 140 to 200 square feet space is enough for a profitable unit to operate.

With the growing demand for its products, Snackz It! is looking ahead to overseas expansion to exploit its potential further.

Snackz It! is ready to share the experience through business franchise plans, said Hsien Naidu, Director of business consulting firm, Astreem that consists of a team of franchise consultants, business consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants. Snackz It! is set to develop and share their franchise business concept with investors seeking Singapore franchise opportunities through Singapore food franchise for their business investments.


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