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The Truth About Medical Detox To Ease Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Medical detox procedures offer those addicted to drugs the absolute best way to help them get their life back. Every one of the various types of addiction can be nightmarish for the addict, due to the fact that the addicted person has lost any kind of control over a very important area of their life, but addiction to hard drugs can leave anyone in a helpless, dreadful physical and mental condition. At a certain point in time, the addict will find themselves in a situation where they cannot derive any pleasure or any kind of benefit from taking the drug anymore, but will still need to be taking more of it indefinitely just to avoid going into a withdrawal. This ever increasing need for drugs forces many addicts into a life of crime and despair to satisfy the habit.

When the sense of overwhelming despair finally sets in, and the addict comes to a decision to make an attempt to quit, this is the first sign of hope that a better time may be on the horizon for the addict. But, it will be a long road back with a lot of hard work required and the addict faces long odds of success without lots of help from many dedicated people. It is extremely difficult to get an addict off of hard drugs right away, and to even make an attempt to right away would be foolhardy and even dangerous for the addict. For a patient to have any chance of kicking the habit, a solid detox addiction program is needed by the addict.

It is a well known fact that of all the drugs on the market, the most difficult one to be cured of addiction are the opiates. Most of the admissions to rehabilitation centers are by those addicted to the opiates, heroin in particular. It is these people most of all, that require a lot of help and reassurance in their fight to overcome the withdrawal symptoms to get off the drug. Heroin is frequently replaced at first with its substitute, which is methadone, also a member of the opiate family. This merely transfers the addiction from one drug to another, however it has useful benefits.

Firstly, the addict is now on a drug given to them for medicinal purposes by licensed health care practitioners. Therefore, there is no serious criminal offense occurring here since the drug is being supplied to them for genuine medical reasons. The addict is no longer taking a drug considered to be illegal. Secondly, the addict no longer finds himself in direct contact with other addicts not on methadone whose habits can cause severe and dangerous problems for the addict on methadone. The most destructive and dangerous part of the addiction would be the sharing of needles, which can be dirty or infected with diseases that can be fatal, such as aids.

Finally, withdrawal from methadone can be controlled more readily, since withdrawal from methadone is considered to be a lot less dangerous. Like addiction to the opiates, the withdrawal symptoms can be intense, but they occur over a longer period of time and therefore can be monitored better and placed under more control. Many people have been involved with heroin rehabilitation since the beginning, and have graduated from these detox addiction programs in much better physical and mental condition than when they started, having managed to fulfill their desperate need of breaking their drug habit.

On the other hand, there have been many addicts that have been unsuccessful at breaking their habit with fatal consequences. Because of this, the need will always exist for newer and more effective methods of dealing with addicts that need and want help in defeating their opiate addiction. As a result of ongoing research in this field, a breakthrough recently may have been achieved. A machine has been invented that influences the brain wave patterns of drug addicts, that enables them to dramatically stop the need for heroin immediately with much less severe, much more manageable withdrawal symptoms. This machine could be the answer to eliminating the need for medical detox for drug addicts in the near future.

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