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Three Popular Detoxification Systems – Do They Really Work Or Just Makes Things Worse

All of them can be seen on TV shows and online.They get advertised and hyped-up a lot.They say that they are the hottest and best detox product in the market today, but do they really work?Check out this article and learn more about these detox systems before you consider engaging in them.

Let’s tackle about your feet first.Yes, your feet.A lot of individuals getting into whole body detoxification consider undergoing a foot bath detox.This is different from the plastic foot bath massage device that you got last holiday and didn’t even bother to use.A foot bath detox employs a metal container which gives the water an electric charge.The charge is harmless and can’t be felt, but toxins in your body get attracted to this charge and get flushed out through the pores of your feet.A lot of people believe in the power of this detox method.But as with any body detoxification program, everything would just be put to waste if you will be getting them back inside your system.And true indeed, removing toxins from the many pores you have in your feet is really good but your detox program becomes futile if you’re just getting them back in.

What about the ever so popular fruit juice diet program?Its like getting to a fasting diet, the difference being the nutrients from the juice gets into your system.And this one is not a bad idea for a cleansing diet too.The only problem is that most people give up on it after a few weeks, or just days.If this is everything your detoxification program is doing, then you are depriving your body of the other significant vitamins and minerals it needs in order to function properly.Getting into this diet method for more than a few days can have drastic effects on your health in general, and this is not what you want out of any detoxification program right?

And since we mentioned fasting, why don’t we take a look at purging too?It is a method which involves beefing-up your fiber intake, using laxatives or any other supplements which help you eliminate solid toxins through the other end of your body.This is one detoxification method I wouldn’t want to advise to anyone.Why not?Well yes, regular bowel movement are important, but undergoing this kind of habit increases your risk for bulimia and doing more harm than good for your colon.As you can see, purging really doesn’t do much.When you get into purging, not only are you eliminating harmful toxins, but also the good stuff that you are supposed to retain inside your body, which will make you feel sick and weak.Although most detox programs indicate mild side effects like these, don’t think that purging will help you attain your detoxification goals.Colon cleansing must be done slowly and gently.Since there is a good history from which the toxins in your colon came from, you will find out how much there is to clean up.

So having reviewed three of the most well-known detoxification systems out there, I think it’s good if we ask ourselves if they really are of any good.It is important that we get into some research before undergoing any kind of detoxification program to find out if this can be good for you or not.It’s just not worth risking your body and health by getting into something that may prove to be more harmful than beneficial.Your aim with detoxification is to get your system clean, not to damage it even more.

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