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Tired Of Refurbishing Your Timber Decking Year After Year Try Composite Decking

Timber decking adds class to your home, perhaps thats why you chose it for your home decking. But when timber decking requires scrubbing off stubborn moles and asks for refurbishing year after year, you start to consider alternatives. Undoubtedly, timber decking has long been the favorite choice for home decking, especially for Australian homeowners. However, the pricey annual maintenance it requires can pinch pockets of many of them. Composite decking proves to be a budget friendly alternative.

Composite decking is a cost effective and hassle free alternative to timber decking. It can be installed easily and does not require maintenance for years. As it is made from wood flour, rice husks and recycled plastic, it is far more durable than timber decking. In case you need any kind of servicing after installation of composite decking, most of the composite decking supplier Australia companies provide warranty which covers most of the major damages.

Moreover, composite decking Australia is an environmental friendly yet financially viable decking solution. If you factor in the initial investment and the cost of ongoing maintenance, it gives you significant savings year on year. It is easily available from any authorized decking supplier Australia. Composite decking comes in various shades and patterns that give your home a stylish appeal. You can choose from classic colors such as walnut and saltbush to more contemporary shades of mahogany, slate grey and chocolate. You get a wider choice of decking colors in composite decking Australia. Designer composite decking looks beautiful in the home interiors, balcony as well as outdoors.

Registered composite decking, such as CleverDeck are high in quality and gives homeowners peace of mind against decking problems like manufacturing defect, white ant damage and refurbishing. Decking supplies Australia provides do-it-yourself composite decking. These decking comes in standard size and can be quickly installed using the instruction manual. It does not require drilling; simply attach decking boards using clips. Since you cut down on labor cost and time, you further improve your return on investment.

On choosing composite decking that comes with finishing on both sides, all you need to do is to join the deck boards with clips and create the pattern of your choice. You can finally get rid of getting the deck board painted and re-coated year after year. Authorized composite decking supplies Australia provides up to ten years of warranty under which they cover replacing the decking damaged due to rotting and termite attack.


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